Maria Chiara Giannetta

The general public got to know her thanks to the character of Captain Anna Olivieri in the fiction “Don Matteo”. Over the years she has made talent, beauty, versatility and dedication to the profession of actress, the tools for breaking through the hearts of the spectators. She is Maria Chiara Giannetta and here she tells us about her way of living acting.

«As a woman I want to be total master of my life and the decisions must be mine. As an actress, however, the decisions do not all depend on me, because whoever does my job is at the service of a project and a “System” that takes them for you and that works in a certain way. If anything artistically you can make proposals. Nonetheless, I feel free as an artist because I accepted this thing, with all the joys and disappointments it entails. ” These are the “rules of the game” that the Apulian actress Maria Chiara Giannetta has chosen for herself and for her work. And they are the same ones that she decided to follow both inside and away from the sets or the stages that she was called to limestone from a young age, when in her native land, the Foggia, she took her first steps in the theater. From that moment on, he made dedication, determination, courage and study the “weapons” of mass conquest: “studying makes you more long-lived. But I am not referring only to the academic one, but to all those opportunities that can be a workshop or even the preparation for an audition, which allow you to grow professionally. It is training in itself that must be maintained, so as to improve along the way “.

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