MARINA ROCCO – «All my choices»

Marina Rocco strikes you like a breath of fresh air on a bright summer day. She welcomes you with a smile, a delicate and determined voice, rich in experience. She knows the value of her job, acting is the road that saves her from empty spaces. She knows the profound meaning of the choices. Those choices dictated by the heart, by the passion, by the instinct of happiness.

by Anna Chiara Delle Donne


Welcome, Marina. You will be to the cinema from August 29th with the film ‘Genitori quasi perfetti’, directed by Laura Chiossone. What emotion do you feel?
I’m very excited about this movie. First of all because the director is a woman and I believe it is always a good opportunity to be able to work with women. I had the chance to work with a cast of very good actors like Anna Foglietta, Paolo Calabresi, Lucia Mascino, Elena Radonicich. It was a great meeting and being able to work in a choral film was exciting. We have tried to bring each character to us to create true interactions. We threw ourselves into the world of parenting: someone had experiences in real life, someone used imagination like me that I have no children. I’m very satisfied. It is a funny film that manages to open doors to reflection on being parents, on modern neuroses.

And how would you describe this mother you represent on the big screen?
My character is a working mother, she opened her own beauty salon. She is a woman who remained alone after her husband separated. She lives her being mother like a prison from which she would like to escape. She’s a mother who anxiously claims the right to be a woman.

From the title of the film we understand this need of some parents to show themselves perfect in the eyes of children and people. What do you think of this idea of perfection?
In these parents there is a great performance anxiety. Each of them is anxious to affirm himself and to affirm the way he is a parent. All this is part of our reality, we are always in business, we always want to do something. Everyone lives the anxiety of being behind certain standards.

You mentioned the great importance of seeing a woman as director. How important is it for you to see women at the cinema?
Dealing with a female director is always important. I feel relaxed, I have a more immediate opening to her world. With a female director there is a greater understanding. To deal with female actresses is always a great joy. In this case, the actresses in the film are women I respect a lot. Being able to have the freedom to exist is the basis for appreciating men and their universe. When I feel that we are being denied space, everything is more difficult. My relationships with women, in my life, have always been fundamental and of great support. They are the basis for being able to collaborate with everyone.

What woman do you feel you want to thank today?
My mother. She went out of her way for me, gave me so many opportunities. This is why I think that women should have opportunities. So can we choose and take our path. My mother left me free to experiment with what I wanted, even making mistakes. He allowed me to act when I started acting school when I was child. She is the first woman I would like to thank because she is the first woman who gave me the choices. I would like this to happen to everyone.

Behind you you have a great career, between theater and cinema. What awareness do you feel you have achieved thanks to acting?
Acting saved me. It filled the gaps I had. It was my way of escaping some of the gaps that I felt inside me, of the difficulties I felt I had in everyday life. I have observed myself and other people. With acting, I opened myself to the observation of who we are, of the difficulties of others. Acting is the way I chose to learn about the world, what surrounds me.

How important is it to find your own path in life?
I think to find your passion in life is everything. Passion is the way to go through life and what keeps you alive, that never bores you. It allows me to do something that makes me forget to eat, to drink or to sleep and from which I can’t distract myself. Your passion guides you, helps you overcome difficult moments, your shyness. I think it is essential to find the spark that ignites you.

What wish do you want to give to yourself?
I wish me the calm. I like to finish our conversation with this sentence. Do you know why? Because I look back and I see that I often missed a few moments due to anxiety. Now I want to live peacefully and thoroughly every moment.

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