«I am a curious actor who is not afraid to experiment»

Interview with the Roman actor who became famous thanks to the role of Marco in the television series “I Cesaroni”, who tells us stories about his experiences in front of and behind the camera.

 Francesco Del Grosso


We met him thanks to the six lucky seasons of “I Cesaroni”, where he played the character of Marco. But since the end of the airing of the popular television series in November 2014 of water has passed under the bridge, so as to allow Matteo Branciamore to archive that important experience to devote body and voice to his career. Television, web series and a lot of cinema on the short and long distance, gave him the chance to show his versatility to the public. Recently on the big screen with “Anche senza di te” by Francesco Bonelli alongside Myriam Catania and Nicolas Vaporidis, Branciamore was among the guests of the sixth edition of the Prato Film Festival. And it is there that we intercepted him on the occasion of the recognition assigned to him by the artistic direction of the Tuscan kermesse. An opportunity, this, that we have used to ask him some questions about the past, the present and future engagements in front of and even behind the camera.

Where and when was the first spark for acting?

A first spark occurred at school, in the middle school, where there was a professor who would blow up his Italian hour in exchange for an hour of theater. And as far as I’m concerned, that represented a good reason to do theater [smiles]. But in reality, everything was born from a classic, that is, a wrong meeting during an audition done by chance at 15 years. A friend told me that they were auditioning for a film in Trastevere and that they were looking for a female protagonist. Together with him we went to the place where the castings were held with a specific purpose, to impress the girls present [smiles]. When we arrived there, however, we realized that the information we had received was incorrect and that they were actually looking for male roles. The film in question was “Come te nessuno mai”, the second opera by Gabriele Muccino. After a bit ‘of hesitation I decided to try the audition. They did not choose me, but I remember that day I had so much fun and I started to think that maybe the actor could have become my way. I began to study acting and theater in Rome with Ennio Coltorti, participating in some of his shows, including “Novembre” and “La partitella”. From there I entered that world doing small roles in the TV series up to “I Cesaroni”, with which I started acting as a permanent actor.

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