A young woman entrepreneur takes the reins of a historic radio and turns it into a new success thanks to bold and quality choices. Michelle Marie Castiello is a daughter of art with the great responsibility of not disappointing a father who is watching her from the sky.

by Umberto Garibaldi


How and when was Rid 96.8 born?
On October 17, 2016, the 96.8 FM frequency opened the microphones for the first time, going from Radio meeting Italy to Radio meeting Donna. After the death of my father (Pino Castiello, historical publisher of the Capital) I felt the need to follow up the work he had carried on for a lifetime, I didn’t want what he had created to go out. So I thought of a project: I wanted to enrich the culture of people lightly to bring the radio back to its old and true identity with great respect. Information, specific content, targeted interviews and entertainment all within a single radio schedule with a high-level musical choice without the obsession of necessarily following fashions. Moreover, the big difference is that I chose experts in the field that I made to become a speaker in addition to the carefully selected choice of characters. The Radio Incontro Donna project, now RID 96.8 FM, was born from the need to continue the family path and the talent scouting gift that I inherited from my father.

Explain yourself better, how did you compose your radio programming?
I created RID 96.8 basing it on the pattern of opposites among the radio conductors because the interaction is greater and it was my ability to find the right people. For the speakers I chose great characters and personality. Every morning we start at 7 am giving space in the first two hours to the joy of the “Morning Smile” program dedicated to my father, who assures you the smile of the morning. Cheerful music with clips of Italian cult films. Following from 9 to 12 alternate speakers Hoara Borselli, Michela Bonafoni and Beppe Convertini in the program is currently different, they deal with the press review, social issues, family and inclusion giving support and food for thought. The schedule from 12 to 14, all week, is dedicated to the body: wellness, sports, medicine, food, fashion. On Mondays and on Fridays we have all the crazy girls but well-prepared of Sempre più in forma: Virginia Imbriani personal trainer, Stefania Santoro naturopath and owner of the Naturadiffusa store, Alessia degli Angioli teacher of Yoga. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Daria Salvadori del Prato (official voice for RID 96.8) and Francesca Mercantini (Sommelier) with their In The City programs take us on a walk among food and wine, food-trend, travel and beauty pills. Only on Wednesday with Modus Modi the body is dressed with the transmission dedicated to the world of fashion, with the participation of the journalist Fabiana Giacomotti. The morning is repeated at 2 pm until 3 pm with the name Happy Lunch. The following hours from 15 to 17 are dedicated to lifestyles and our passions. Stefano Noni and DJ Ameliée talk about Nightlife and its whole world in the program C’est la Vie, while on Tuesday these two hours are devoted to questions from the legislative world: I chose to reserve an open space for the first time in Italy to this topic, giving the microphone to Stefania De Bellis in the format “L’avvocato risponde” speaking about the problems relating to the family sphere, of companies, but also of political life (explanation of issues such as “scrapping of folders”, “referendum” etc…). On Wednesday at the helm of Incidentalis Arte we find the voice of Janet De Nardis who talks about exhibitions, new trends in traditional art and the realities of the web with influencers and creatives most loved by the Millennials; always on Wednesday Très Chic sees the conduct of La Duchessa Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano that tells us about the life of the aristocracy: charms and curiosity but also bon ton and the secrets of good receiving. On Thursday we leave space to the cinema: La Brest and Emanuele Zambon with behind the scenes, but also curiosities, reviews and advice on films not to be missed on the big screen. The week opens and closes with I teletrombati, a format edited by the comedian Hermes Greco who with his team of funny and imitator guys ensures laughter in all the cars. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is space for Green is the color with Marco Di Buono, because we can speak lightly (listen to us to find out) about ecology, environmental impact, bio world, recycling and the animal world. On Friday we open with Moreno Amantini with his Tutta un’altra storia: costume and society news. From gossip to citizens reports on the city’s inefficiencies, a light program but with great depth. In radio cannot miss a program on music and we have Trilly (Tiziana Campanella) and Susanna Vianello with their Altrimenti in musica, Friday from 15 to 17 and Curiosando on Saturday from 9 to 13. With them you can listen to music at 360 degrees and to knowt emerging artists among the curiosities of the web and beyond. Finally, the schedule of RID 96.8 delights us every day from 19 to 21 with the sunset session, 2 hours of funky disco-house-jazz music that accompanies the aperitif.

How did you feel about taking this path?
Being a woman publisher was not easy, even for the name I carry. A really important heredity in this world especially at the beginning, when I was faced with the astonished faces of the experts in seeing a young woman, blonde and with very clear ideas about what she wanted. This was my challenge, not only towards the male gender, but above all towards us women, to show that we can work together and we can make a team, because we have an extra gear without taking anything away from the other sex. I wanted to integrate the male world to be complete because there are men who have a sensitivity or joy that women don’t have and it should be highlighted. I left them the goliardic part and they seem to be satisfied!

How did you form your team of speakers?
I told you that I received from my father his talent as a talent scout, an invaluable heredity. This allows me to see the particular light that is inside each person, to understand what his talent is and help him to express it to the fullest. This is what has allowed me in these almost 3 years to build a team of which I’m proud as well as for the professional qualities above all for the human ones, because our spirit is that of a family, and like in a real family everyone helps for the good of others, without protagonism or envy of any kind, the watchword is “humility”. I had to fight for this ideal of mine but now I have to say that the Rid family has finally found its wonderful balance.

What else should we expect from this third season project?
For a start-up to successfully complete the first three-year period is the most important milestone, especially in such a difficult historical period for the country’s economy and for the sector. However, being the daughter of a German and a Neapolitan, I have the right “cazzimma” to face every new challenge. For the future I would like to bring my speakers on video, opening the doors of Rid 96.8 fm on TV in order to let the listeners savor the atmosphere that reigns in our big family. But I repeat that it is important to keep your feet firmly together and complete the third season by keeping our standards high. In June 2019 major decisions and possible changes. I thanks my mother Beate Rosmarie Kleimann who made possible this and my father who believed in me. THANK YOU!


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