MOISÈ CURIA – «I owe it all to my father’s love»

The carrier of Moisè Curia is a long journey with her father with their Fiat 500 towards dreams that come true. The young actor is one of the young faces of our cinema and our TV. Confidently, eyes wide open to the world and the desire to discover new things, he makes us discover his career and everything that will come from now on.

by Anna Chiara Delle Donne

Welcome Moisè, you will debut the direction of the theatrical performance “Novecento” based on the book by Alessandro Baricco. What effect does it give you on the directing side?

This story belongs to me very much for the events I experienced. I decided to tell this work because I felt it was very close. Being on the other side for the first time and not on stage is a strange feeling, but beautiful because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on what my work is, on what I can give to other actors.


You have recently completed the shooting of the series “Single pieces” directed by Cinzia Th Torrini. What can you anticipate about your character?

My character will be very different from those played so far. I play a boy who comes from a past of drug addiction. He lives in a family house, his best friend will lose his life and this pain will be very strong for my character. I got very close to his world, to what he felt. Working with Cinzia was nice and tiring at the same time. Cinzia reveals your person, the artist you have inside. It was enough to look at each other to understand what we wanted to give each other. There was a sincere relationship.


How important was it for you to be directed and accompanied by women on the various sets you faced?

Women have a more marked sensitivity, a more direct and explicit way of expressing feelings. We, men, try to be tough, we think we can have everything and we don’t want to feel anything. I have always had the opportunity to work with great women. In the film ‘Abbraccialo per me’, I acted alongside Stefania Rocca and this actress brought out a part of me as a child, giving me her maternal figure, a figure that we always carry around with us.


Your career is punctuated by beautiful goals. What are the awarenesses that you now have?

Many things have changed, we have the awareness of telling an emotion and making sure that that emotion can be captured. You can have the most beautiful face in the world, but if you can’t tell what it feels like at that moment, it doesn’t make sense. What counts in this work is to discover a new way of being able to tell yourself, your life, your art. In our work, no one can tell you how to act, there is no real basic structure. You are there and you will find something new within you. We work with ourselves and it’s nice to be surprised as an actor.


You made a long mess-tin. How did you experience the no you received?

Often, the ‘no’ hurt me, but they allowed me to grow and understand what was wrong. The ‘no’ received served me to say: this is what I must not do, this is what I have to work on. I became demoralized, as it happens to everyone, but I grew up and acquired a greater awareness of what I wanted to be and of what I wanted to tell. If there were no closed doors in our faces, we would never grow up. Failure is adapting to yes, living for the “everything is fine”. In life, everything is not always good.


You told me how important your parents’ support was in your life, especially your father…

My father was an important figure for my life and my career. He always supported me, despite the few possibilities we had, coming from a humble family. For what he could, he always gave me help. When I received a ‘no’, he told me: it’s not over yet. This ‘no’, tomorrow will become a ‘yes’. Dad always gave me a reason for hope. He always made me understand that despite what he couldn’t offer me, there was always life that could give me something more. I wanted to make it in this business, not only for me, but also for him. Now, he smiles for me and dreams through my eyes.


Factory4 – Groomer Sandy Giuffrida – Location Palazzo Firenze – Press ofice Factory4Giuffrida

Location Palazzo Firenze – Press office Factory4

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Giuffrida – Location Palazzo Firenze – Press office Factory4

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