“NASCA FINA” – The olfactive trips of Giuseppe Arnone

Victor Hugo said that nothing awakens a memory like a smell. Giuseppe Arnone lives and creates his perfumes thanks to the smells that inebriate the mind and the heart. It’s in the places of his childhood that the sensations and the people who inspire every single olfactory memory come back to life, a wealth of experiences that he himself skillfully transforms into perfumes that seduce the soul. Established entrepreneur in the detergent industry with his company Chimiclean and passionate master perfumer, he lives a real devotion to the art of perfume.

by Giuseppe Savarino


Who is Giuseppe Arnone today?
I am an entrepreneur who has believed in everything he has achieved for thirty-four years. The company that I have developed over the years has become important and it’s representative at an international level. I’ve always had a great desire to create something different and I’ve always been inspired by the olfactory part of the product. I’ve always had this passion since I was a child. I have always cultivated the passion for the smells of nature, thanks also to the place where I come from. I discovered substances, raw materials that are part of the world I use in my products…

What do you think when you create a perfume?
The first things I think about are the colors that this perfume must have, seasonality and when it can be worn. I think of its shape and the person who will wear it going to interpret every nuance of this. I structure a body, a heart and a head for every perfume of mine as an organic form that transforms itself during the day, but that always leaves a precise and unmistakable imprint.

What is the input that makes you materialize a perfume?
The depth, the horizon. It’s something distant and unattainable that allows me to create and imagine. With my creations I project myself towards the infinite, I want to get beyond what the eye can see.

Is there a muse or a place that helps you create your perfumes?
When I create a perfume I happen to experience a moment of memories, of feelings already experienced that I would like to try again in the same way with the vivid intensity of how they were lived the first time.

What are your perfumes talking about?
They speak of sensuality, love, passion, feelings, energy, adventure and uniqueness.

Can you tell me about the most beautiful olfactory journey?
I often like to go to the seaside in the middle of winter when the waves carry a particular note of very strong ozone and the algae begin to lie on the shoreline. You can smell the sand. All this brings me back to a magical dimension and at that moment I relive sensations that come from the sea and from trips in the desert.

What is the perfume that you have not yet created?
It’s when you fall in love for the first time, with those extraordinary sensations, that galvanizing energy that makes your body and your soul vibrate. Being able to recreate a perfume that brings back the emotion of the first falling in love would be something I’d like to do and I’m working on it.

How do you imagine the evolution of perfumery?
I imagine it as a change. Those who want a perfume must make it for themselves. The perfumer must be a consultant who leads this path. Everyone must follow their own olfactory pleasure by identifying which substances can make them feel good. A sur mesure concept that is the mirror of one’s soul and character.

What is the perfume that marked your memory?
The perfume my grandfather and my father wore from their barber. It was a perfume with fresh spicy notes and citrus nuances. I associate this perfume with the memory of when my father greeted me with an affectionate gesture every morning before he went to work. They are olfactory imprints that make us feel good and bring us back to the happy depths of our memory.



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