NICOLA SANTINI – «Io che non vivo più di un’ora senza tè»

Irriver and bon ton can live together in the same world, a question of dosage, accomplice the irony.
Nicola Santini is how you see it. Without filters, frills in the look, as in the way of speaking. Sought in detail, essential in substance. And this “is the most valuable but also the worst defect. To be able to be silent at the right time is a rule that I teach but I do not always apply. Not as much as I should”.
Away from the worldliness and the red carpet, when we proposed to write for Red Carpet Magazine he welcomed the challenge with enthusiasm: “the only Red Carpet to be able to scare even in dressing gowns”. And that’s how we would have liked to welcome us, in a morning of fire in the last Milan fashion week, to tell our readers, before keeping us company by number in number with good-natured shots. But nothing: he is already in a blue suit and white t-shirt, his uniform 365 days a year, to which he alternates jeans and golf always strictly blue. “Fashion is beautiful because it passes: I have a metabolism too slow to stay behind. I want to open the wardrobe even in the dark and always be myself”.
Welcome to the doors of his house in Milan are the two newly arrived Chihuahuas: Ettore and Svevo, very white and tiny, baptized in the name of an author and poet of the heart who loved his adopted city, Trieste. He offers us a jasmine tea: “it’s my favorite, I drink two liters a day. And then I go to bed”. With more teina in the body of Queen Elizabeth, he claims to sleep 12 hours a day: “it is my favorite sport and my need has always been”. In other hours he lives, in a concentrate of TV, classrooms where he teaches bon ton in the business world, editorial offices, kitchens and art galleries: “my greatest passions”.
Tracing a portrait is not easy in a few lines: on the same day lives the lives of 3 people, without downtime. We try with a burst of response and hit. At 10 o’clock he is struggling with the delivery of a house he cares for the interiors, at 2 pm he is in front of the cameras of Detto Fatto on RAI 2, at 16 he leaves for Trieste where the students of IAL await him tomorrow, where he teaches bon international ton. We have 10 minutes in total, estimated time for reading this interview.

by Giuseppe Savarino

For 15 years, you have been recognized as the best expert in bon ton in our country and beyond. What does this label mean?
It involves an awareness that is the guide of my daily life. Label with no substance equal to anything. I try to set a good example so as to pass the message that modes are more
important than fashions. Fashions pass, ways remain… It’s not always true.
Explain better.
The ways often adapt to the costume. What was intolerable in the 50s, today is part of everyday life. Once a gentleman would never put brown shoes in the city. Today at most we remember not to put them in the evening and anyway no one is scandalized.
And what does it make you scandalize?
The sellers of smoke and gullible people. To the same extent.
Another example?
From this period, I do not envy those who let themselves be duped by the phenomenon of professional influencers. In terms of scandal, I find it scandalous that among these there are Marketing Managers, CEOs, company captains.
Do you think the influencers are not they good to ride the moment? Every era has its…
In an interview on the superpower of supermodels in the 90s on which I stumbled on you tube, I was able to listen to a then very young Carla Bruni in the midst of her success that downsizing the phenomenon: she gave the example of the tennis players, who preceded her and her colleagues in the collective imagination. But I find that at least at the time there was something more tangible in the conversion between the glamor of the catwalk and the turnover it induced. I find it hard to think that the Land Rover customers sell an extra keyring thanks to the followers of Mariano Di Vaio, not for this individual in him a seller of smoke. But certainly, the association of certain brands to certain familiar faces of the social who invent life day by day based on the highest bidder is the most aberrant can happen to any scroll.
So, a good rule for social networks?
If you really have to bill thanks to the followers of Bangladesh, at least take care to know the capital!
How do you see the evolution of the media?
More than evolution, I think it is a priority to try to talk about maintaining the species. I would start looking for offline forms of life and communication. And I say, while my two phones within a quarter of an hour were lit up about 30 times to give me priority notifications.
Do you preach well and scratch badly too?
I try to regulate myself more than giving rules. That is also the formula of bon ton 3.0. There are things that disturb us but that also simplify life. The important thing is that they do not make us dependent.
What is the offline thing you are dependent on?
It’s Contemporary art.
Say names and surnames, so we understand your style…
Pino Deodato, Giacomo Piussi, Lorenzo Lazzeri, Tatiana Brodatch, Roberta Busato, Fabio Peloso, Filippo Ciavoli Cortelli, Della Clà, Andrea Collesano, Paolo Ceribelli, Alessandro D’Aquila, Nicola Bertellotti, Massimiliano Pelletti, Maurizio Baccili, Massimo Kaufmann, Cristina “Crisu” Corradi.
And among the architects?
Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini, Samuele Brianza, Paolo Badesco, Marco Parmeggiani and my namesake, Nicola Santini, with a studio in Florence.
A contemporary style icon?
Maria Giovanna Maglie, Albertina Marzotto, Susanna Orlando, Rosalba Piccinni.
And among men?
Carlo Spallino Centonze. He doesn’t miss a trick!
Among the great Italian families known in the world, what do you think is the most elegant modern and representative?
The Frescobaldi. Lamberto and Eleonora with their children.
Cooking it’s your other passion. Some names to put on your datebook?
Nicola Cavallaro “A place in Milan”, Rosy Chin “Yokohama”, Michele Marcucci “The enoteca Marcucci”, Filippo di Bartola “Filippo Mud” in Pietrasanta, Babingtons in Rome, Mauro Santini “Ariston Beach” the family restaurant in Lido di Camaiore.
What’s up with fashion?
Find a tailor who will adapt fashion to you and not vice versa.
You are an influencer in your own way. You have style to sell…
It’s not for sale!


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