It happens in the best of families. Unfortunately. There are some seasonal plagues that happen to be so popularly democratic, it is scary. The most threatening, during summer, after or along with wearing flip-flops on the cities’ streets, is the ones of who could ‘part the seas’ just by raising their arms. On the subway in Milan, on the Riva in Venice, in the shuttle to the airplane that will take us to an atoll, as on any other ‘blabla car’, if one doesn’t respect the correct sequence, the smelling murderer is always round the corner. And the winning formula doesn’t make concessions to anyone: water-soap-deodorant-perfume. Every day, the quantities, from bottom to top, in a crescendo, should be – a little perfume, deodorant just enough, and plenty of soap and water.
It might seem weird the one has to remark it over and over again, and some might be offended by reading this, but I’m willing to take the risk because, unfortunately, every year, the history repeats against all sort of fashions and, above all, against all sort of manners. In the worst and most embarrassing way. And, considering that when we walk around we are responsible nothing but for the crimes that we commit against the air that we breathe, now that the dress-code no longer seems to exist, when we think of labels, let’s not focus just on the perfume ones. We should also take in account those two or three civil rules that will allow us to mark a dignified border in between having to walk around putting some tiger balm under your nose, like you would do when visiting a dead corpse at the morgue, and the deep breaths you take on a ‘rebirthing’ session.
And just after that, when and if everything has been done properly, we can talk about – perfume. Whether this perfume is custom-made or from the shelf, a popular brand or a niche one, anyone who compliments us on the scent of the fragrance we leave in the air, if they are in good faith, they are giving us nothing more than an alarm: it means that we have overdone it. Bon-ton recommends that only the one who is allowed to come as close as a kiss on the cheek should be the one entitled to tell a fragrance from another. For better or for worse, leave all the others in the shadows.

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