Nina Torresi



“Every difficult moment is an opportunity to be able to improve”

Interview with the actress, who has recently finished playing Sonja in “Uno zio Vanja”, with whom she will return in the 2018/2019 theatrical season. Soon we will see her on the screen in the TV movie for RaiUno dedicated to Mia Martini.

By Maria Lucia Tangorra

Many spectators have learned to love it in the role of Maya in the fifth season of “I Cesaroni” (the successful fiction of Canale5) and we hope that the same – and not only – will want to go and see the theater in a staging that can not leave indifferent. Clean and enthusiastic look, the dimples on the face and a sweet voice are some of the characteristics that come immediately to mind thinking of the good Nina Torresi. Born in 1990, she has made a great journey, from the spot with Rita Levi Montalcini (2005) and we still wish her so much. We wanted to start this chat talking about “Uno zio Vanja” (directed by Vinicio Marchioni, by Anton Chekhov, adaptation by Letizia Russo), a show that gave her the opportunity to bring out the interpretive strings that deeply condition the soul of who looks at it and who has given so many emotions.


Nina, what value did it have for you to be selected for this project?

Three years ago I took part in a show at the Piccolo Elysee (“Storie d’amore con pena di morte”, written and directed by Marco Costa), it was a contemporary comedy for which the idea of ​​approaching a classic like “Uno zio Vanja” impressed me. All actors should compare themselves with texts of this importance. I also know how much research there has been from Vinicius for the part of Sonja. When we met, to make me feel calmer [she remembers him with an ironic but affectionate tone], he said: “you are ready to play one of the most difficult roles in the history of theater”. He has seen so many actresses for whom, even more so, having been chosen for such an important character has gratified me so much, he really trusted me. In the meeting that took place a long time before starting the tests, we made a first reading; in the second I was pregnant, I had not said anything to anyone and when it came time to do it I expected as an answer “I do not feel” or “I have to opt for another woman”, but it did not go that way. Vinicio reacted like this: “but it’s a joke? It’s a human added value that we will carry with us, and he will bring us luck”. It was a special meeting.

Credits Press Office Nina Torresi: Factory4


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