November ’99 – November ’19

“I should revalue everything from the start, find the strength and the audacity to do it. I already know that for a moment it will be full winter […] ask me one more time if I cry, if every equilibrium breaks once again.” I remember listening to this song “Novembre ’99 (L’isola del Tesoro) – November ’99 (Treasure Island); by Italian sing-songwriter Carmen Consoli, featured in her “Stato di necessità (State of necessity)”, album. I remember the feeling of precariousness, uncertainty and fear of the unknown for every equilibrium of my adolescence that would irremediably break every day. On the contrary, today, November ’19, it’s a state of necessity for me to celebrate the beauty of every equilibrium that breaks, and the strength and the audacity of always revaluing everything from the start; to make it a propulsive and transformative engine of our tomorrows, of our future conquests, our treasure islands. For this issue I listened with admiration to stories of breaking equilibriums and the creative strength that they produce. Including the one of one of my muses, Carmen Consoli, on the eve of her world tour arriving to New York City on November 11th, who tells me about the alarms and the warm embraces of her “Echo of Sirens”. The one of Marco Calvani, an Italian dramaturg, director and actor who is debuting on Broadway with The Rose Tattoo alongside the Oscar-winning Marisa Tomei; and who shared with me both the exciting and the suffered turns of his career. The one of the explosive Cristiana Pegoraro, the world-known pianist, composer, artistic director and entrepreneur, who is the living proof of how much value one can find in breaking the equilibriums and the schemes, the ones that made her not a classic, classical player. And then stories of food, the food that “if you respect it, talks about your culture” (cit. Carmen Consoli); the Italian food that continues to break the schemes and to impose itself as an absolute leader in the U.S. market. On this issue we are glad to present the American journey of two legendary protagonists of the Italian food scene: Urbani Truffles and Parmacotto.


Wishing you all a good read and a prosperous breaking of equilibriums


Tommaso Cartia


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