“The beauty of nature”

The power of the values she grew up with, the close contact with a nature that was her window on the world, the afternoons spent to the cinema watching movies as if they were the best gift. Angela Fontana became a young woman and actress who has always cultivated art and nature through the characters she tells andshe will tell. You recognize her from the coherent and profound look, from the need to dwell on possible places that lead you where you would simply like “to be”.

di Anna Chiara Delle Donne
Ph Francesco Ormando.

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Welcome, Angela. On June 20th, the film “Lucania” was released, you are the female lead. How would you describe Lucia?
Lucia is a young girl who has experienced a very particular situation. She is silent, does not speak. But in her silence, Lucia is a very sensitive, introverted girl. Her relationship with nature, with dance and with all that is expression is something profound that belongs only to her. With her sensitivity she has his own way of exploring feelings. What she feels inside her, she communicates it through expressions.

How did you build this inner life of Lucia and what do you think you gave her and to your world?
I connected me to the sound. When you play a character that doesn’t speak you have to interpret her voice that, even if it doesn’t have a sound, it exists. I love meditation. I come from a country place, I have a close contact with nature. I have always been tied to trees, to everything related to the natural sphere. This is what I wanted to give to Lucia: the expression and love for the land.

Your character lives a special bond with his father. What kind of father-daughter relationship do you think it is?
We have carefully studied this relationship. The director, Gigi Roccati, advised me to watch BélaTarr’s film “Il cavallo di Torino” to reflect on this bond between father and daughter. Lucia and her father have a troubled relationship. Both have commonalities, but also the need to communicate. The pain of losing Lucia’s mother was fundamental to building this bond between the two. What emerges from this story is the love of a father towards his daughter; the love of a daughter towards her father.

The central theme is the nature, the need to defend one’s land. A very topical subject for us. How important was it for you to show this concept?
It was very important to me. We are in an age where so many things are left to chance. We have no care and attention to our landscapes. We no longer stop to observe the beauty of nature. We are always looking towards our mobile phones. Above all we boys, we must realize what surrounds us, the beauty that nature has and can give us. We must protect beautiful things. I think it’s a waste to ruin the earth with our own hands. This is the reason why I feel so attached to this film, because I believe that you are launching this message of defense and protection of nature.

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After the various work experiences lived in these years, what awareness do you feel you have more?
Since I was a child, I loved art. I found myself in it. I learned, through this profession, that it is fundamental to have feet on the ground, to study continuously, to be able to face situations without letting go to chance. All the rest comes by itself. But I believe that if you don’t have the basis and firmness, often the values you build are lost. It is important to reap the benefits of your journey, to understand what is good for yourself.

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And what does acting mean to you now?
You know, I can’t define what acting is for me. It represents so many things. I wake up in the morning and I think I need to do something that can really make me happy. I know that acting is something I hope will bring me satisfaction, but, above all, a different knowledge about I am. I want to discover new things about myself and life. I don’t know how to really describe what acting mean

s to me. Maybe, I can’t describe it, but I want to live it continuously. Every day I feed on it and I’m happy to hear that this is the right path.

One of your female reference figures is your mother. Why?
My mother was very important for my life. I grew up in Casapesenna, a place with 7.000 inhabitants where there was no cinema or theater. For me, the best gift was not a toy, but going to the cinema, going to the theater. It was a party every time I could go there. It was thanks to my mother that the passion for cinema made sense. I have a deep relationship with women, with my mother and my sister. Such intense female relationships have given me so much.

You have immediately faced important female roles in the cinema. So how important is it to bring women and their stories to the cinema?
I think it is necessary to give space to female figures. There are not many female figures on the big screen. We tend to connect the woman’s character to the figure of the male character. It often happens to me that female roles are pushed aside. In the last period things are changing and therefore I hope that women will be given the importance they deserve in the future. Women are strong, important, they need the right space.

Now imagine yourself in ten years. What do you want to wish you?
I hope I’ll be coherent, always. I want to make choices that satisfy me both human and professional. I hope to continue working with people who give me valuable lessons every day. So far, I’ve been very lucky. I hope to continue to be so.