Style is that element that makes you feel good about yourself and pleasant to others. It is a concept that perfectly embodies Fabio Lamborghini, born under the “Taurus” sign, an authentic gentleman of a successful entrepreneur with deep values rooted in the family. Great aplomb as a stylistic code, the life story of a true Italian excellence in the world continues.

di Gino Morabito


An example of “Lamboday” could include a lunch, during which the family history from the origins is told together with exclusive anecdotes; then we move to the Lamborghini museum for an exciting foray among the supercars of the “Toro” from 1964 to today; finally a guided tour inside the actual production, with the sharing of that extraordinary magic that sees the birth of the prestigious Lamborghini cars. Corporate and motoring events, fairs, private parties, gala, every occasion is good to celebrate the unmistakable golden bull brand.

After thirty-four years of activity in one of his uncle Ferruccio’s companies and about ten as head of the family museum, Fabio Lamborghini continues to pass on the deeds of a brilliant personality who made the history of motoring.

What happened in 1963, which led Ferruccio Lamborghini to decide to start an incredible challenge for Ferrari and to build his supercars, certainly stems from his passion and engine creativity aimed at improving the performance of motorcycles and cars. In 1947 he transformed his Fiat Topolino, a 60 km per hour car, increasing the engine displacement to 750 cc, bronze head and double carburettor; it also changed its aesthetics, modifying its bodywork and shaping it like a racing car. After these skilful transformations, the car arrived at an incredible speed of 130 km per hour, more than double the original speed.

A Topolino launched on the road at 130 km per hour in the legendary Mille Miglia.

In 1948, together with his wealthy friend from Ferrara, Ferruccio participated in the Mille Miglia. It was an unforgettable experience, even if they did not complete the route due to a night accident. On board the special Topolino they were at the top of the race in their category, when they found themselves facing a curve at a right angle … They went too hard to face it, so they went off the road, breaking through the door of a tavern, which fortunately at that time of night it was closed. Huge damage to the car and the Tavern, but the two miraculously remained unharmed.

It all started with the Maranello racing cars.

At the time, it was 1962, Lamborghini owned the Ferrari 250 GT, a fireball with its Achilles’ heel in the clutch that burned easily. Ferruccio’s intuition was to replace it with a more robust one, precisely with that of a tractor of his own construction, since he considered the Ferrari clutch to be undersized compared to the power of a 3-liter 12-cylinder engine. The outcome of that graft was optimal, so much so that he decided to go to Maranello, to show the result to his friend Enzo, eighteen years older than he. Ferrari almost failed to see the clutch of his car replaced with that of a Lamborghini tractor. He did not want to give satisfaction to that former farmer who stood before him, but he immediately understood the genius of the idea. So he dismissed the matter by asserting to Ferruccio that the problem was not so much the clutch, but rather that he did not know how to drive Ferrari well. It all started from there. And, after that discrepancy, in just nine months, the Lamborghini Automobili was built, inaugurated in October 1963 in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Today Lamborghini is managed by Audi, which has owned it since 1998. The same capacity for growth and improvement in the study of design, in motorsport and in innovation is still being recorded. German excellence combined with Italian excellence.

The brand created by Ferruccio Lamborghini reflects his person, mentality, industrial philosophy. Watchwords are quality, reliability, innovation, design. Concepts that were at the basis of everything he did, from tractors to burners, from cars to hydraulic systems and lastly his wines. High technologies enclosed in an important and prestigious design. An industrial philosophy is understood and maintained above all by the last property. Indeed there has also been a qualitative increase in the product, with the ability of the Germans very good in business organization, in aluminum frames and electronics; excellent Italians in mechanics and design. Ferruccio identified in the designer Nuccio Bertone the best one to dress his granturismo and was not mistaken. With the Miura and the Countach the Lamborghini brand has conquered the world.


Owning a Lamborghini is pleasure at the highest levels, it makes you feel arrived. It is the realization of a dream for a select group of elected representatives.

Lamborghini customers are different from others. They are normally customers who love life and have a cult of beauty; they seek joy in important artefacts, which express the maximum of that period. For many, Lamborghini represents the top!

Lamborghini as synonymous with successful entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur with a human face that is based on moral pillars marked by knowledge, ability, friendship, respect.

To create a team, a cohesive group, as Ferruccio had managed to do, one must know how to motivate, inspire, empower people. And Lamborghini had built a family around it: chosen friends, men and women with an extra gear, driven by a deep mutual respect. Reliable people treated like children. Without those abysmal distances between boss and employee, but each with a specific role, to create something useful and important.

Embodying family values, Fabio Lamborghini presents himself with the business card of a man who is worth. A person who is comfortable with himself and is at ease with a true gentleman’s look.

Style is that element that makes you feel good about yourself and in harmony with others. Loving yourself helps to be better in life.

A life made of great passions that underlie study, commitment, sacrifice.

 Study is fundamental and necessary. These are years of sacrifices – it’s true! – but, if supported by the desire to pursue their dreams and passions, they can lead to great personal results. So watchwords commitment, sacrifice, passion. After all, a donkey has never been seen driving a Lamborghini.