«I transform anxiety into a source of creativity»

Green and deep eyes, framed by black waves of curls that recall an ancient beauty and a smile that expresses all the light-heartedness of youth. Fotinì Peluso, with such a face, could not fail to pierce the screen. Just start talking to her that you are invaded by a vortex of that energy of those who are passionate about art – and not only – and want to conquer their place in the world and at the same time be surprised.

by Maria Lucia Tangorra


The degree in economics will soon arrive: “Not a plan b”, he is keen to specify it, but a “good compromise to continue to cultivate the passion for acting which, until then, has been a game. This faculty, inherently analytical, taught me to be methodical and schematic, but also very concrete. It is as if the two sides of my person compensate each other. When I study I create a map of the evolution of the character or a scheme of the script “. Languages, and in particular the theater, Fotinì met them in high school through “a very serious course organized with a London theater teacher” who could only deal with Shakespeare. Life often leads us to encounters that mark us; and so it happened for her at fifteen with her teacher Mario Grossi (teacher at CSC): “I met him by chance and I started to follow his lessons simply because I liked theater very much. I hadn’t done an audition yet. I wanted to have a good command of language as well as of breathing. I was very fascinated by the technical side, but we also deepened the texts, going in search of meaning. I started doing it almost for ‘play’, with the approach of a very open studio. Thanks to Mario, I discovered what acting was. ” Perhaps it is thanks to this free and passionate approach that Peluso is going through noteworthy stages. Her debut for the small screen came with “Romanzo Famigliare” directed by Francesca Archibugi (Rai series). On the female gaze, she says with conviction: “I think there is a woman on the other side of the camera and, as I am made, I loved that female gaze. I can’t thank fate enough for making the first job with her, an exceptional director, and moreover with a team of women. Even the director of photography, Kika Ungaro, was incredible: a union had been established between them that seemed to me a magic, also because Francesca’s eye expressed a particular attention to issues related to us women, and this made me very fair – since I come from a very feminine family.


Ifound sensitivity, finesse and elegance that I rarely found on the set. I really hope to return to work with directors. I clarify that I was lucky enough to shoot with very good men from the directorial point of view, not least Francesco Bruni. At the center of “Romanzo famigliare” a mother-daughter relationship was eviscerated and Archibugi, being the mother of three children, fully centered it in all its facets. He established a relationship of great empathy with me and Vittoria (Puccini, nda), managing to convey to us what my character had to tie to his, that of a mother who is actually still a girl. This theme is very close to my heart. Francesca also made us understand the difficulties that the parents are experiencing, even though they sometimes appear strong in front of their children ».

Art makes us go deeper than ourselves and, however much an actor may wear a ‘mask’, it is hardly exempt from it. Thinking of “Andra’ tutto bene” by F. Bruni (soon to be released) in which a strong relationship between father (Kim Rossi Stuart) and daughter is put in place, it arises spontaneously to ask the young interpreter what she has further understood about herself and of the relationship with their parents. “Over the years, outside the profession, which certainly amplifies personal experiences, I realized the amount of things that parents try to hide and cushion to protect their children, sometimes putting aside their sensitivity to actually become a point of reference and support. I feel that my parents have managed to create solid foundations for me and my sister also showing strong in difficult moments, preventing us from thinking that the perfect balance existing in the family could crack because they have always been able to resist with nails and with teeth. It’s not about “being tough”, it’s an inner strength, the same that in Bruni’s film shows us a resilient family that goes beyond temporary difficulties. Adele is the driving force behind her father’s choices, but in any case there is no one without her and vice versa. It was perhaps the film in which I felt the distinction between me and the character more subtle because it involved me deeply ». We can speculate that this work will leave a mark on viewers, but it should be specified that the debut on the big screen for Fotinì took place with “Il Regno” (from June 26 on the main streaming platforms including Google Play, iTunes, Chily, Sky prima fila, Rakuten, CGHV, Huawei, Infinity, TIMVISION and #iorestoinSALA): «we could call it the theater of the absurd. It is a first work written and directed by Francesco Fanuele, a talented CSC guy. The story is set in the present day, but in a medieval village inside Rome; I play the antagonistic princess ».


Immediately afterwards, Peluso filmed “Sotto il sole di Riccione” (directed by YouNuts !, from 1st July on Netflix) which she reveals to us: «it was one of the sets on which I had the most fun ever having shared it with people of my age. Many scenes were improvised and I was impressed by the skill of the guys I worked with and I hope, given the situation we are experiencing, that it can offer a breath of fresh air ». Thinking about his Guenda, the phrase comes to mind: “the essential is invisible to the eye” – quote from “The little prince” – to which Fotinì confesses that he feels really close: “I am a very open person, I like comparison; but I realize that I never open myself seriously, no matter how authentic what I express. ” At the time of “Romanzo Famigliare” he had said: «I don’t know how much I am worth in the professional field» and still now, despite all the achievements and a future that we hope for shining, he continues to say it with that smile that conceals a mix of embarrassment and humility, so much so that he adds: «I have had many people who believed in me, but it is absurd [meaning that he is still surprised]. There are few compliments that have remained in my depth, including those of Bruni, which led me to say: ‘then maybe I really sent something’ “. In our opinion, it will be precisely that quid that will lead her to always question herself to learn. She tells us that she attended a theater academy in France while attending Erasmus and that she would like to tread the stage boards. From his Greek mother he knew the texts of the ancient theater well; but at the same time she is fascinated by Sarah Kane’s plays and we wish her to be able to experiment also in this area.

In the meantime, it is undeniable that the coronavirus has affected all of us personally and professionally. “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies is a song “that represents me a lot and that I listened to even more during the quarantine”, which denotes how his light soul is completed with a more reflective aspect. When Covid showed up in the Milanese city, Fotinì had just started shooting the second season of Ivan Cotroneo’s “La Compagnia del Cigno” (depopulating on RaiUno), which made this talented young actress even more known. It is no coincidence that she played a pianist (she has practiced for eleven years). One of the strengths of that series consisted in showing how it is still possible to make a group today, therefore it is natural to ask if, in the often competitive artistic sphere, you are able to team up and you are keen to distinguish: «I think every sector is a world in itself: the actors are not like dancers, ditto the painters and so are the musicians ». In the latter case, he believes that it is really possible to create a group, a very intense unity also on a human level and music is an instrument that breaks down social barriers. Playing together can be a great resource ». He tells us that «if the first season dealt with the birth of a friendship that was generated by the arrival of Matteo; the second is its evolution, in which the group will become able to withstand the “le intemperie della vita”. As for my Barbara, I can say that she is upset by the arrival of a character at the Conservatory who will bring out very strong fragility of my role ».

Fotinì Peluso is young, but already has works that have put her to the test on various ropes. All this is certainly the result of study and passion, but also of a precise approach during the casting (especially at the beginning) «for which there was no stake. I acted like in life, I would never have tried to show someone who wasn’t me. Tackling them, I began to savor anxiety more, transforming it into a source of creativity. I think it is essential not to be distorted by the person in front of you and who must evaluate your work ». We wish you to preserve and cultivate your luminous nature (already suggested by its name), eager to grow and get involved in all aspects of life and artistic expression.

Credits Ufficio Stampa Fotinì Peluso: IDentity Communication