«The real achievement is doing this work even today»

Smile and elegance distinguish him. He entered our homes thanks to the engineer Cattaneo and had already conquered the public with previous roles. All without ever leaving the boards of the stage. With him we retraced the 26-year career.

by Maria Lucia Tangorra


«The real achievement for me – and without rhetoric – is being here, to do this job after 26 years, given the precariousness inherent in the profession. I spaced a lot, I even managed to alternate, without remaining on a single role, from comedy to auteur films or projects abroad». Giorgio Lupano has a great gratitude towards the occasions given by life, also aware of what he has managed to conquer, committing himself not to be caged in a specific character. He graduated from the Teatro Stabile School of Turin directed by Luca Ronconi and about the idea that to walk with your own legs you have to kill the masters, he tells us «the first show I did was with Branciaroli and he told me “all that you have done so far you don’t need it anymore“ and so I heard myself from the next. Every teacher you meet provides a different view. We have many fathers, someone dies by age». Among them is Ugo Gregoretti (who died last July 5), from whom he was directed in a show by García Lorca during the summer tour and with whom he beat the first take on TV.

There is a point where he stay still respect to the young generations: “I believe we (referring to his peers, edit) are not a model. The actors of thirty years ago were really institutions, when I was a student I looked at their apprenticeship. Today a reality TV is enough to access the doors of a fiction. Of course there are exceptions. They asked me several times to teach, but there are people who are fit to do it. I welcome the invitation to talk about my experience and how auditing, telling the children what awaits them after school, the real world of work». These words reflect a desire to respect roles and at the same time a strong sense of reality. In 2009 «an exception that confirms the rule» takes place, “New York Marathon” (a real treat that has earned deservedly success), in where he co-directed and staged with the friend of a lifetime, Cristian Giammarini – the alchemy was felt all over.


In 2015 the debut of a show that, he confesses, «changed me and changed the approach to work». It refers to “Children of a Lesser God”, directed by Marco Mattolini, conceived for an integrated audience of deaf and hearing spectators, in which he played the role of a speech therapy teacher. Next to him was Rita Mazza (an Italian deaf actress who had to go abroad to work) in the role of a deaf student. «It has been one of the most important experiences so far, both at a theatrical and a human level» he says with emotion. «The preparation led me to learn about a world, a culture and a language that I would never have met. Their way of facing life completely different from ours made me understand that we can relate to reality from another point of view». The one considered “normal” is the one «that we, the majority, have designed for ourselves. To discover and to become aware of this, called into question my certainties. I had to revise some parameters (that maybe are taken for granted, edit) and I realized that the communication of that text had to go through other channels». That so moving piece – it was a journey for the spectator too – had made its debut at the Borgio Verezzi Festival. In 2019 the Piedmontese actor brought another national premiere project to the Ligurian festival: “Sherlock Holmes e I delitti di Jack lo squarciatore” (directed by Ricard Reguant, translation and artistic project by Gianluca Ramazzotti). «An imaginary story» – he explains – «that sees Holmes investigating the crimes of Jack the Ripper or a fictional character who investigates a case – among other things unsolved – which took place in London in 1888. An encounter-clash between interesting mentalities and perverse: one is a murderer criminal, the other is a man with a capacity for intuition out of the ordinary, as well as obsessions. Holmes sees a person for ten seconds and he knows how to tell his whole life. Today we don’t observe, when we need information we go to the mobile phone, instead it’s important to remember how even through our eyes we could discover so much» and this piece could make us re-evaluate this approach. The show will be staged in Rome and Carpi in 2020 and then resume the tour the following season. Giorgio Lupano resumed shooting “Il Paradiso delle signore” in August.

Credits Ufficio Stampa Giorgio Lupano: Valentina Palumbo