The frenetic rhythms and the several engagements imposed by the TV seriality don’t leave any space or free time, but Gloria Radulescu took some time to talk with us about her experience in this famous Rai fiction and her future projects, between a ciak and the other of the shooting of the new season of “Il paradiso delle signore”.

by Francesco del Grosso

«Iremember the feeling I felt, almost magic, as if suddenly I could immerse myself in another dimension, in another life, in something outside and far from me, but putting everything that was my imagination into it. I didn’t think that by playing someone else and moving away from who I was I could use the same mental creativity that I put in my daily life. As if the brain, body and stomach were big hands with which to touch something inside, to transform everything as if I were modeling plasticine. The ability to enter the mind and heart of those who are looking at me and move something about it is wonderful. Acting is like having superpowers, because you have the opportunity to give yourself to others, to someone you don’t know». Gloria Radulescu describes in this way, with these words full of passion, the spark of acting and a profession that brought her where she is now, that is, in the hearts of the spectators of one of the most popular generalist fiction of the small screen. The verses of a theatrical monologue entrusted to her in high school were enough to make her understand that that love at first sight had to have a sequel, becoming the way to go and so it was. The infatuation, then the courtship and finally the marriage with a noble art that is giving her many satisfactions, both before and after graduating from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Since she wore the role of Marta Guarnieri in “Il Paradiso delle signore”, her career has taken flight, giving her that notoriety that is well suited to an actress with a crystalline talent like hers. Notoriety that is reflected by a television product that has become a point of reference and a fixed appointment for the Italian public. But what is the true secret of success for Gloria: «It’s a series that brings lightness and light-heartedness, which allows you to escape for an hour or a day from the problems of a messy and busy life.

But in addition to being an entertainment tool, it is also a vehicle for learning, because it brings up values ​​that have been lost today, such as the sense of family and modesty. After all, we live constantly bombarded by social networks that repeat you and remind you that to be accepted you have to appear before you even be. Once upon a time there was no media storm and there was no chasing this idea of ​​perfection. The secret of success of “Il paradiso delle signore” lies in the opportunity for escape and reflection, a series that brings to the screen the beauty that was there before, simplicity, healthy relationships, the importance of dialogue, staying together, maybe in the family and solving problems by talking and looking at each other».

Long seriality, however, like all close and long-lasting relationships, can have positive and other collateral effects. On the one hand, becoming and being a figure known as Guarnieri can only bring benefits and, in fact, Gloria is the first to recognize him: «I feel lucky to have been part of the project for two years. Which made me absorb all that is Martha up to make it mine. So it takes me very little to get back into his shoes, as happened after the four months of rest between the first and second season of the daily. Among other things, we did not even imagine that we had to shoot it, so at the beginning I thought it would be difficult to interpret it again, but then once on the set everything immediately started up again as if nothing had ever gone off». After a considerable number of episodes behind, which will be followed by others in the coming months, it is inevitable that a real symbiosis has come about: «Gloria is a free woman who makes her choices independently and autonomously, characteristic that bring me very close to Marta and that the public now knows very well: rebellious, unconventional and revolutionary. In this I am exactly like you».

On the other hand, it is likely to be identified with the character interpreted for many years, with the concrete risk of the impossibility to shake off it, after having finished the path together. However, the actress has clear ideas about the danger of encaging: «there are a lot of colleagues, for example, Serena Rossi, who succeeded in detaching from what they interpreted in the past, on the small screen, in order to arrive to something else. The fact remains that Marta Guarnieri and “Il Paradiso delle Signore” have been a gym and an opportunity to grow up, which gave me the chance to be known and to receive new proposals, but even to have an economic and living independence, in a city I love like Rome. To be stopped along the street and to be taken for Marta, makes me smile and happy, but I know what there is inside me and which I can still give beyond her». She is referring to a precise shape and pattern «projects which, in my opinion, I’m sure of being able to face up, which touch very different strings from those to whom is bounded Marta Guarnieri. Strings which concern the body transformation, more complicate emotional passages, a story even harsh in a stratified and not spare set, like that of a TV fiction like “Il Paradiso delle Signore” – without obviously belittling the project’s merits – which is on air in the afternoon and asks to remain in a certain form. I feel inside myself to be able to do that jump towards cinematographic experiences with dense scripts, which can give me more opportunities to move, making me feel more free in the artistic field. Today, I haven’t had this opportunity yet, but my agency and I are working to make this happen as soon as possible».

We think the same thing too, absolutely sure that the cinema will give her soon what she desires, able to enhance what she cultivated during the formation period and which, during the years, is giving and will give more and more mature results: «a characteristic of mine is that I have a high level of listening. It often happened on set to suggest a speech to a colleague when he forgot it. That’s because is my habit to study all the text, and not only the lines which concern my character. I want to say that I don’t think only about me. There are actors who need you to give them exactly the line as it is written on the paper. On the contrary, if I am listening to you and you completely change the line, I am capable to link instinctively to that specific situation and to the mood asked by the scene. It is a discourse linked to how you relate with another person and with the space».

An approach to her job and a respect towards her colleagues which make her a great professional.


Credits Ufficio Stampa Gloria Radulescu: MPunto