«Mimi would finally be proud of me today»

Mini skirt, turquoise hair and stainless grit. Our Lady of Rock holds up like when she sang to Italy who was not “a lady but one for whom the war is never over” (Non sono una signora ma una per qui la Guerra non e’ mai finite). A war also against herself, with her own feelings of guilt, when she relives time with Mimì. Loredana Bertè wears it every moment in her eyes, hidden by a lot of black eyeshadow and in a pout, which rarely gives way to a smile.

by Gino Morabito



Mimì, diminutive on Domenica, was Mia Martini: sister, older than three years, who disappeared in tragic circumstances in 1995. And never forgotten. Loredana never misses an opportunity to mention her, and it is for her that she performs. Always.

Part of me died with her. I feel that when I’m on stage, she is with me, inside me. It is she who gives me the energy for concerts that people think are amazingly crazy. I think Mimi would finally be proud of me today.

The happiest image of two partner sisters dates back to the beginning, when they were still nobody. At the time of auditions around the cities, when they started hitchhiking. Nothing stopped her, not even the doors in her face.

Mimi did everything without thinking, she did it all … It is not true that time erases everything, because it does not erase anything.

Broken bones and pain have become screams and then songs. The antidiva diva par excellence is the singer-songwriter who followed the instinct. And she always paid in person. She Wolf out of the pack, made her solitude the winning weapon, showing us a heart “half of stone and half of snow”. Born warrior, on stage she is a detonator of emotions that she transmits vivid during her live. Exciting experiences, manifestations of authentic freedom. Freedom of thought and expression for an artistic personality, whose name has always embodied transgression and truth.

Nobody ever put a muzzle to me! I “scream sing” to those who do not respect the freedom and rights of others.


Loredana Bertè is today among the most respected and well-liked artists on the Italian music scene. For the avant-garde it represented, for her music, for having known how to reinvent herself every time.

The true artist has the urge to express himself, to communicate what he has inside. You are not an artist, you just are!

In the light of a cultural flattening that is increasingly taking over the peaceful coexistence of people, music leaves its head and plays the game against intolerance.

Music can change, to change some aspects politics must take a different step. Today there is only propaganda, but what have politicians done to do so?

Incurably affected by parrhesia, that urgency of frank, unrestrained, free speech … still looks to the future. But hopefully not.

I do not hope, it will be age but I do not make long term plans. I live the moment.

The here and now of an ungenerous woman with herself, who several times wanted to turn her eyes elsewhere as a child.

I have often seen things I didn’t like: too much domestic violence and not only, and from there I began to think I wanted to “get off” from this world.

From the original Bagnara Calabra, in a South of multiple contradictions, the journey in search of a place to feel like home.

I have lived in many different places: childhood and adolescence in the Marche region, my first youth in Rome and then most of my life in Milan, with a six year break in Sweden. Let’s say I have traveled a lot, I feel rootless, very international. Beyond the place of birth, everyone can find their place in the world according to their aspirations and dreams.

The dreams of a warrior who thinks back, sweetly melancholic, to the starry sky of Hawaii and exercises her status as a woman in a world of men.

I don’t care, I do what I want and ignore them. Unfortunately, I married two: billionaires without money to pay a taxi … No comment!

In art, as in life, Loredana Bertè proclaims the manifesto of her existence. Impetuous, that not being a lady but one for whom the war is never over (non sono una signora ma una per qui la Guerra non e’ mai finite), hits us in the face. A Che Guevara in a skirt, as she likes to call herself, who has always paid in person.

The price has always been high. A constant standoff with the record companies, which in the past wanted to force me to make old music. I looked forward and they looked back, we could not find an agreement. Maybe I paid the highest price with the Carioca album, nobody would have bet a penny on it … The only ones who liked it were Mimì and Fossati. But, over time, the value of the collaboration with Djavan came out and I took my satisfactions.

Loredana never looks herself in the mirror, she has never seen her television appearances, because she never likes herself. But she likes and inflames the spirits, and sings straight to people’s hearts. The stage is her relief valve and, when the spotlights illuminate the scene, she advances: leggings, sneakers and an electric-colored ponytail. She continues to tell a story that has never stopped, that good news in music that has marked the country. With her voice scratched by smoking and from life, and a timbre of a girl never grown up, screaming to the world W LiBerté!