«Study makes you long-lived»

The general public got to know her thanks to the character of Captain Anna Olivieri in the fiction “Don Matteo”. Over the years she has made talent, beauty, versatility and dedication to the profession of actress, the tools for breaking through the hearts of the spectators. She is Maria Chiara Giannetta and here she tells us about her way of living acting.

by Francesco Del Grosso


«As a woman I want to be total master of my life and the decisions must be mine. As an actress, however, the decisions do not all depend on me, because whoever does my job is at the service of a project and a “System” that takes them for you and that works in a certain way. If anything artistically you can make proposals. Nonetheless, I feel free as an artist because I accepted this thing, with all the joys and disappointments it entails. ” These are the “rules of the game” that the Apulian actress Maria Chiara Giannetta has chosen for herself and for her work. And they are the same ones that she decided to follow both inside and away from the sets or the stages that she was called to limestone from a young age, when in her native land, the Foggia, she took her first steps in the theater. From that moment on, he made dedication, determination, courage and study the “weapons” of mass conquest: “studying makes you more long-lived. But I am not referring only to the academic one, but to all those opportunities that can be a workshop or even the preparation for an audition, which allow you to grow professionally. It is training in itself that must be maintained, so as to improve along the way “. These tools, which she has made since her training days at the Centro Sperimentale in Rome and which she is using to gain the trust of professionals more and more: “these are things that have nothing to do only with acting, but also with the human approach and with what kind of artist you are. I can trust you as you will be able to accomplish what I am entrusting you with? Will you know how to deal with everything that the apparatus that surrounds you involves and understands? These are questions that those who do my job should ask themselves. I try to answer in the affirmative every time I am given the opportunity. ” Of occasions, Maria Chiara has had taking part in successful series such as “L’allieva”, “Un passo dal cielo” and “Che Dio ci aiuti”, as well as films including “La Ragazza nel Mondo”, “Ricordi ? ” and “Bentornato Presidente”, but the real one knocked on his door only recently. Now that his name has broken through the hearts of the general public thanks to the character of Captain Anna Olivieri in the fiction “Don Matteo”, the undoubted talent, mixed with beauty, versatility and expressive power, are now there for all to see.  Focusing on her, the production and the authors made a very drastic and at the same time significant decision. Not only did they change the Captain’s character, but they chose him as a woman and moreover young. This should be read as a very strong and precise signal: «when I went to the audition I relied on the registry aspect and on the contrast that was created between two characters at the antipodes such as Anna and Marshal Nino Cecchini, played by Nino Frassica. In my opinion these were the cards that played in my favor when choosing. The fact that she is a young woman who holds such an important command role in a Carabinieri barracks is certainly a reason for satisfaction and redemption, which leads her to be attached to what she has done and has shown she can do in the past. At first glance, he may be a very rigid and perhaps a bit unpleasant person, but over the seasons 11 and 12, the home crowd and those around them have learned to know him better and to esteem him “.


Of course, the commitment required by a TV product like “Don Matteo” is long and expensive, but she has been able to find the right formula to carry it out: “I face this second life for nine months and I do it in the newspaper, which in the case of Anna is from the morning until the time for bedtime comes. This is because in serial times the times dilate and even the situations that call into question the character undergo continuous changes. And you actor must move and adapt according to these changes. In a film for cinema, however, you have to go straight to focus on a specific thing that serves the role you play and the script in general ». Therefore, the approach and the way of life are shaped according to the type of project, but this does not mean that the path of approach to the character is always the same: “the preparation changes according to the character that is entrusted to me.

Nonetheless, there are guidelines that I follow: sometimes I concentrate on references that may concern his character profile or the “world” to which he belongs, or I let myself be inspired by something totally different to differentiate him from what is already similar been represented, so as to offer new and unpublished aspects. Other times I take inspiration from reality, for example when I have to interpret women who have a lifestyle or social background different from mine, I go to look for them and to observe in order to be able to draw from them “. History has shown us on more than one occasion that popular and well-loved characters such as that of Captain Olivieri can become a cross and a delight for those who play them. But on this Maria Chiara was very determined in saying: “the desire to do something else is getting stronger, so I don’t think that in the long run Anna can be transformed into a” cage “, much less a comfort zone. To guide my professional path, as well as human, there is the desire and the need to experiment with new things. In general I act for me, because sometimes it helps me to exorcise personal knots. And then because acting on TV, at the cinema or in the theater is a push to be more curious about the world and to have a wider vision than what surrounds me. It is a source of enrichment from which to continually draw ».

Credits Ufficio Stampa Maria Chiara Giannetta: Take Off Artist Management