by Gino Morabito

She was the first Italian woman to pose without veils for a calendar, the one signed by Helmut Newton reached a record circulation of three million copies. She sex symbol of the nineties and the 2000s, she still teases – and not a little – the masculine Italic imaginary. Busty, ironic, diva. What is certain is that Valeria Marini boomed!

Success comes among the glitter and sequins of the Salone Margherita.

The Bagaglino was my debut on television, a wonderful stage where I learned a lot. I came from the theater and hadn’t thought about TV. Instead it was the right choice and I thank Pingitore again for giving me that opportunity that paved the way for work and success.

The forbidden encounters with Alberto Sordi are still vivid in the memory of the heart.

I came from Los Angeles, where I had been to study English and, when he called me, I could not believe it. For me he was a myth! We all grew up with his characters. I remember our first meeting, on the occasion of the audition for the film Incontri Proibiti. We were in the car, because my character also had to drive. But I was distracted behind the wheel. So, while he called me by the name of the script and recited the line: “Yes, Miss Federica, I understand …” she added “Watch out for the truck! Be careful for the truck! “.

Shoot a brilliant comedy, playing a role to make the audience smile.

Today more than ever there is a desire to escape, to dream, not to think about everyday problems.

That varied art show that is life.

The world of entertainment is my world, it’s my life. In fact, everyday life does not belong to me at all.

Marini Red Carpet

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