PINO COLETTA – «The painter who captures the energies of time and memory»

In 2019 he obtained the Grand Prix Saint Germain de Prés in Paris at the Arts and Letters Center of the well-known L’Harmattan Publishing House, the godmother of the event was the lawyer Sherazade Zeroula. His works preserve the energies of time and memory; memories of angels, of the angels of his house: his mother and his loved ones who have turned into pure energy and that Coletta warns and present us; energies that rest on his light shoulders, in the form of aether butterflies. The energy painter is so sensitive that his hand, in painting, seems a feminine hand so sweet to show a Universe, a Paradise, of dreams, of which we would like to be a part. The art production of Pino Coletta was successfully presented in 2018 at the Pala Cultura of Messina, Museum of Modern Art Antonello da Messina and highlights, with a special technique, a work of glazing, with overlapping and drying of matter. The master’s painting arrives in great style in Paris. He communicates his desires as an artist to his French friends and not only: a deep spiritual painting. His story on the canvas translates into poetry, a narrative with a magic, arcane and captivating flavor that translates it into strong and intense images, vibrant emotions of that journey into memory that is the time found through the dreams of childhood and adolescence.

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