Rehegoo Music Group is a record label and music production company, founded in 2014 by Italian entrepreneur Marco Rinaldo, who has always nurtured a great passion for the music industry. It all started with the creation of a small music label, producing albums for young singers and musicians. Only 5 years later, Rehegoo has become a dynamic and globally recognized reality. Conquering the digital market and counted among the 100 most influential music production companies worldwide, Rehegoo now specializes in creating and distributing music through various online platforms, streaming services and music stores, and producing tailor-made soundtracks for films, videos, and advertising.
We at Rehegoo Music are immersed in hundreds of creative processes at any given time. In fact, creativity and innovation are the pillars of our tight-knit society, that have allowed our music to be produced through a multitude of different genres and universally loved by a global audience. We can proudly say that we have sold more than 2.5 million albums and singles, which receive more than 3 billion plays on major streaming platforms each year. Our great love of music motivates us continually in trying to make the world a better place for all artists who want to share their voice with the world, and for those who want to listen to it. Our priority is to give artists the chance to be heard, and our mission has attracted the attention of one of the most influential people in the industry.
Quincy Jones Productions, headed by legendary music industry icon and Grammy Legend Award winner Quincy Jones, has decided to embark on this new path together with us, forming a joint venture, Q&R Music. The objective of Q&R Music is to fill the “gap” in the music industry between the stars and the undiscovered, mainly comprised of young, self-producing artists, otherwise known as “bedroom artists,” who want to share their music and reach a broader audience of listeners.
Quincy’s unparalleled eye for talent discovery and development, which has nurtured the careers of stars like Michael Jackson and John Legend, will serve its purpose in joining forces with Rehegoo’s innovative industry approach to promote these deserving, talented, hard-working underground artists.
“As we join forces with the Quincy Jones Production, whose iconic legacy in the music industry is celebrated worldwide, we are combining their widespread access to talent and experience with our strategic and success-driven approach to digital music distribution.” Said Mattia Esposito, COO of Rehegoo Music. “The foundation of our label is built by talented undiscovered artists who deserve recognition, and our goal is to give them a voice in the world of entertainment.”
Q&R Music seeks to give underground artist access to the same recourses as today’s stars. That includes fair royalty payments. Rehegoo Music has created a 100% transparent, reliable, automatic system where artists can register their work and protect their copyrights. Through the registration system, artists will be guaranteed a fair payout, regardless of how big or small their fanbase is. In March 2019 the system will be introduced to the industry via the Rehegoo Streaming Platform, designed for businesses and set to launch worldwide.
This new collaboration with Quincy Jones, an industry guru to some of the greatest music giants of all time, coupled with Rehegoo Music Group’s industry know-how, will strive to expose hidden creativity and innovation, taking advantage of the versatile market of the music industry and of digital promotion at a global level, introducing undiscovered artists to the mass market. Insight and wisdom of the past meet with a young and avant-garde reality. It can only be a success.
This new joint venture will really be a jolt for the music world, an exclusive collaboration that will revolutionize the future of the music industry.

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