RAYSICILIA The flavors and knowledge of a wonderful island

by Giuseppe Savarino


Living in an island rich in landscape and architectural treasures, welcoming, hospitable and with numerous food and wine excellences with a unique energy and inspires the desire to share this immense heritage with all those who have the curiosity of knowing Sicily through millennial scents and flavors. It’s from these feelings of infinite gratitude to their land that Raimondo and Silvia Minardo’s project, partners, takes shape, united by love and passion for beauty. RaySicilia is a patronymic brand, in fact it derives from the name of its creator Raimondo Minardo, dynamic and far-sighted entrepreneur. «Ray, says is not only the abbreviation of my name from the English Raymond, but also means ray, a word that recalls mind those rays of sun that illuminate our wonderful island. I’m often traveling for business reasons and this allows me to experience and get to know almost every part of Sicily. A merry-go-round of emotions, flavors and aromas. Each province, city or capital city tells a different story. A kaleidoscope of culture and tradition therefore, from where millennial knowledge and flavors emerge, the result of dominations and cultures that have left that distinctive sign that we now call Sicilianity.


I come from a family where the sense of belonging to the land has always been an important point. My grafather, Vincenzo, taught me to appreciate values ​​such as humility and respect for our land. From my grandfather Raimondo who was the cornerstone of our large family, I learned the value of simplicity and a sense of gratitude. My grandfather had a farm, he made ricotta and cheeses himself, he had a large olive grove, he produced oil and carob with great dedication, the same one that I look for today in my suppliers». A family baggage that supports the intuition of Raimondo and Silvia, or the idea of ​​enclosing all these “treasures” in a single treasure chest named Ray Sicilia. In fact, a place where you can enjoy a careful selection entirely Made in Sicily. Wines, Sicilian craft beers, Oil of the Ibleo plateau, specialties bearing the slow food presidium, Avola almond creams, Bronte pistachio specialties, Erice real pasta, the inevitable Modica chocolate that inspired its own line which bears the brand name and thousands of other joys for the eyes and the palate. The first Ray Sicilia format was born in Modica, in the good living room of what was once a county, state in the state, where its own coin was minted. In front of the majestic Cathedral of St. Pietro, in a late Baroque palace, Ray Sicilia welcomes people from all over the world. Connoisseurs, tourists or just curious people who literally love to “taste” Sicilian culture. Yes, because it is impossible to go out without having drunk a rosolio or eating a square of chocolate. Hospitality of the past, a hotbed of sensory experiences.


«I had the idea, but it is on my wife that I could count on making it happen. She is a woman, stubborn, forward-looking and who can make our boutiques unique by adding her touch and her impeccable taste». The entrepreneurial attitude of Raimondo and Silvia meant that, in a short time, Ray Sicilia became a great little reality. Among their projects there is the intention to spread the format of these treasure shops in other historical centers of the most beautiful Sicilian cities. «In Modica we gave life to this project full of magic and inspiration, a real test bench that allowed us to improve and better capture the desires of our guests, says Silvia with her kind manners and the inevitable smile. «Here we welcome people from all over the world every day and tell them about the beauty of our land vis a vis». Ray Sicilia is also an e-commerce site to share how beautiful and good we produce, with people from all over the world. In addition to being able to offer highly selected products, we have a section dedicated to traditional recipes to explain the origin and preparation of what we offer and an area reserved for the relationship with customers, to respond to their curiosities or particular requests; this is how we make culture through food, art and craftsmanship.

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