Renzo Arbore

«We are” good Italians “, only we should remember it»

by Gino Morabito


Eighties images flow to the rhythm of swing. Memories of my childhood light up vividly on the color television screen on the kitchen cabinet, one of those models with the tube cathode. In 1987 I was eleven years old and stayed up late to look backwards! My father and mother smiled amused, while I was pervaded by that irresistible good humor that had literally conquered the Belpaese: Renzo Arbore was doing the show.


In white dress and plume, he gave us lessons in style, conveying humor and intelligence through that media cauldron of generalist TV, “that same TV that should marry the web to redesign the future of infotainment “. Between sequins and sequins, the mustache of a Frassica vintage and those that were just songs, but that everyone sang … it was being done culture.


Music culture today should take advantage of the web. I work a lot with the net and if you want knowing a preview of an idea that whirls in my head and that I really care about, is to marry the web with generalist TV. This is the real news and the real increase in culture!


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