Riccardo Camanini

Riccardo Camanini, poet of starry cuisine and the Lido 84 restaurant

It is among the most acclaimed Italian restaurants abroad and the one that always puts experts and non-experts together, for completeness and restorative quality of the proposal. It is the Lido 84 Restaurant, the creation of Chef Riccardo Camanini on Lake Garda.

by Stefania Buscaglia

If there is a teaching that the great Gualtiero Marchesi has left us, it is as much as the Kitchen and the Art are inseparable elements.

There is therefore no doubt that if the Master had the opportunity to see one last look at the Earth and sketch a smile thinking of its cultural and professional legacy, a special thought among his “disciples” would go to Riccardo Camanini, a humble, cultured and curious chef who based this approach on a convinced and coherent mantra.

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