the Gluten Free revolution

Katia Guardo and Luca Roccasalva; revolutionize gluten free starting from the love and well-being of people.

by Giuseppe Savarino


Sicily always reserves exciting stories and unexpected intuitions. Some of these become important success stories, such as that of Royaline Sicilia by Katia and Luca Roccasalva. A mill inherited from his father and the desire to try his hand at innovation in a growing sector starting from scratch. An intuition born of love for his daughter Alba and her early gluten intolerance. This is how two loving parents redesign a company, experimenting day after day with special flours and blends with the aim of definitively breaking down the boundaries of taste with traditional flour, thus conquering a new frontier of flavor and well-being.

To learn more about the history of Royaline which over the years has become one of the leading Sicilian companies in the gluten-free sector, I decide to meet its founders, Katia and Luca. They welcome me to their laboratory in a quiet area in the upper part of the picturesque Modica. The smell of bread and baked goods bewitches the nostrils of the whole neighborhood. The appearance of the laboratory is that of a traditional bakery, with ovens and all kinds of equipment for bread making and the production of pizzas, breads and desserts. We start conversing over a coffee, accompanied by delicious strictly Gluten Free biscuits. A few meters away, another branch of the company where the mixes and packaging of Gluten-free preparations originate. Special flours that, processed in restaurants or at home, become wonderful dishes with a flavor so good that they challenge traditional ones without hesitation.


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