SIMONA CELI & GIANCARLO ZANETTI – «Theater, culture and plow in the Val di Noto»

When love for theater meets love for culture, experiences are born. And they shake the soul and awaken all the senses. If this is joined by love between two people, it
becomes an explosion of indomitable life.

by Giuseppe Savarino

The love between Simona Celi and Giancarlo Zanetti is a special love. She is one of the most applauded theater actresses and she was director of the theater of Taormina and the Garibaldi of Modica, now she is the one of Messina. Zanetti, is an excellent actor, is one of the most important theatrical producers.
From these two souls that live with wonderful sensations and find their lifeblood in art and culture, a unique project for Sicily was born: a theater house.
Both fell in love with the countryside near Ispica (Sicily) where they created their business project that combines culture and tourism. Moreover, in a place so rich in history as Sicily, the two things are connected.
And here’s their idea: a place that opens to those who want to know or deepen the art world and live moments of relaxation immersed in nature and culture. In this house, in fact, there are many treasures: from books to theatrical texts, from posters to pieces of sets and much more. A home of great charm where in every corner you can breathe the
essential love for culture, from where everything begins and without which nothing can make sense. A place that tells the ancient and contemporary world of the noble art of theater.
Their wedding day was celebrated in the Garibaldi theater of Modica. To bring the wedding rings was their “four-legged son”, Petruccio, a magnificent Lagotto romagnolo. A romantic event, that contained in a single day the most important cornerstones of their existence: the love that unites them to each other, that of theater, animals and nature.
From the union of these three passions comes the project Feudo Bendicò, that will see the light soon. “Bendicò – tells Simona – was the name of the dog in the Gattopardo by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and, according to many critics, was the soul of the author. It was therefore seen as the representation of the soul of Sicily and of all its inhabitants. And this is what we want to represent in our feud: the soul of Sicilians in all its facets, the fruit of a long history of lively and brilliant culture”. And from this intent comes the idea of an eco-museum that will collect the works of national and international artists to which will be added sensory paths between nature and animals. The two spouses have in fact started a rearing of donkeys that live free in the maximum respect of their essence. Thus, a sensual project takes shape, but not in the erotic meaning of the term, but in the vision of something that involves and stimulates all the senses. “Theater and plow – explains Simona – are thus united in a form of unpublished hospitality in which culture, pleasure and nature are at the center of a microcosm and an entrepreneurial project”.
It will be a convivial initiative, where conviviality means good food, being together and sharing everything that stimulates emotions and sensations. An oasis immersed in the wonderful Val di Noto, Unesco heritage, where you can enjoy the beauty of art, in all its forms. The frame of this project is the wonderful Sicilian countryside, among olive trees, carob trees and dry stone walls that wind towards the infinite, where the horizon joins earth and sea. A place to regenerate the senses immersed in nature and art in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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