Simone Belli represents one of the makeup artist most requested by companies and celebrities and for L’Oréal it is a real point of reference. His art and his professionalism see him as protagonist in every creative sphere: from cinema to theater; from trendy television; from music to art. Simone Belli continually gives each woman the secret of perfect beauty that knows about truth and particularity. Red Carpet Magazine met the make-up artist during her Christmas Beauty Day in the magical and welcoming atmosphere of L’Oréal Academy in Pizza Mignanelli, near Piazza di Spagna. Next to him were Alessandra Mastronardi, Miriam Leone, Emma Marrone, Laura Chiatti and many others.

by Anna Chiara Delle Donne

Simone, how did the change of image you create on an actress take shape?

When I see a woman, actress or other important person, I have a vision. I consider myself a visionary, I see women as I would imagine them. I try to paint them with my eyes. The first approach I try to have with a woman is talking. Talking to a woman makes you enter her world. Everything is created, everything is painted and you have not even noticed it. I love working only with those who trust me.

What will be the next trends to follow in 2019 and how will woman be?

For 2019, the trend of the “nude look” will continue. The skin must be impeccable, it becomes a beauty accessory. I always teach my students that the way of treatment of skin is fundamental. Everything you do next on your skin has a greater value. Every woman must moisturize their skin. After the skin care, I consider red lips, and an intense and material mascara as important. The woman of 2019 must be elegant and she has just left the disco: eyelashes represent the rock world, lips represent elegance.

What does beauty represent for Simone Belli?

Beauty is beyond the objective canons, today. I think beauty is something that comes to you when you have not even noticed. A woman is beautiful when she communicates through a look, a little movement, a blink of an eyelash, a move of her lips with a certain sensuality. Makeup accompanies all this. But makeup should not be understood as “a lot, too much”. Sometimes we must try to remove, a makeup should not risk becoming excessive. Beauty has no real identification. All that is beautiful is something that leaves you a memory. If you see a woman and you remember her after an hour that you let her go, it means that she had something that marked you. The memory of that woman and her way of putting herself is everything.

What makes a woman beautiful and seductive?

I am seduced by the gestures of women who are accompanied by makeup. My advice is not to exceed, not to draw too much on your face, your body, your hair. The observer’s attention must never be diverted from you. The observer must not see another thing, he must not see a mask.


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