SPECIALE NEW YORK – PUGLIA IN ROSÉ: This Summer New York Drinks Pink!

by Tommaso Cartia

Imagine a summer night on an elegant cruise boat that sets sail for a panoramic tour of the Hudson River in New York, while sipping delicious rosé wine and your eyes are filled with wonderful views like the one of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Who wouldn’t dream of that? It is the dream that the Associazione Puglia in Rosè made us live, which invited Red Carpet Magazine to parade on the pink carpet of La Nuit en Rosè, the exclusive event that every year offers the best of rosé wine productions from all over the world. We celebrated the enogastronomic richness of Puglia, uncorking an effervescent bottle of Negroamaro del Salento Rosato with Lucia Nettis, Director of La Puglia in Rosè, and with the delegation of the Pugliapromozione agency.
Americans are going crazy about Puglia. The numbers in the hands of the tour operators are increasingly relevant. With 54,245 arrivals and 148,186 overnight stays, in 2017 the United States became the seventh most important market for Puglia’s tourism. We talk about numbers, but behind these numbers are intense emotions. Also, Puglia is imposing itself as a leader in the field of tourism marketing, combining tradition and modernity.
Glamorous events like La Nuit en Rosè, are just a proof of that, and are putting the spotlight on a varied tourist offer, which promises its visitors real immersive experiences in a dimension of pure pleasure and sensual beauty that is the land of Puglia. Equally pleasurable, fresh and effervescent was my chat with Lucia Nettis, lulled by the waves of the Hudson River and inebriated by the bubbles of the rosè wines.

Lucia, tell us about the great Apulian wine and gastronomy tradition and in particular about the rosé wine.
Puglia is famous for being the ‘Garden of Italy’, due to its rich fruits and vegetable production. From grapes to burrata and wine, these are all very strong brands here in America as well. As for rosé wines, Puglia is the largest producer in Italy. The success of our vini rosati comes from the infamous Rosato di Negroamaro del Salento, an excellence that could have not been brought to New York.

What are the new rosé wines trends?
The trend now is pure wines, produced 100% in a single grape variety, which drastically increases the quality of the product. In this regard, Puglia is an absolute leader, despite the pressing competition of the U.S. and in particular of France. But we have way more autochthonous vineyards.

How important is the American market for Puglia in Rosé and what are your goals and expectations?
This is just one of the many events we have planned in New York. In a month we will participate in the Fancy Food Show, the big NY fair. Marketing and the educational aspect of the promotion is crucial to us. Apulian wines are still less known than those from Tuscany and Piedmont. We want to educate the public, but also restaurateurs, the media, the influencers, to understand and recognize the quality of our wines. Many tourists and journalists are also very surprised by the modernity of our region, the efficiency of our infrastructures and our fresh take on marketing.

Interesting is also the point of view of Claudia Nicolamarino, Communications Officer and Co-branded Events Execution Manager for Pugliapromozione, who told us:
What better opportunity for us to promote our product in an event that has such a young target audience. Our product is material but also intangible, and our political and cultural strategy aims to make the Puglia brand widely known in the entirety of its offer. We already had the chance to show that at The New York Times Travel Show and at the Columbus Day Parade this year. We are trying to invest more and more in terms of promotion on foreign markets as important as America. For this reason, we are partnering with the biggest air carriers to launch the direct flight, Bari – New York.


The Expert
Wanda Mann – The Black Dress Traveler

Effervescent like a bubbly prosecco, intense like a good Barolo, sweet like a rosè, she is Wanda Mann! The famous Black Dress Traveler, this writer and wine expert from New York knows Italian vino and she loves to drink it! Here is Wanda’s advice on the best rosè wines from Puglia and the rest of Italy.

The beauty of Italian rosé is that it expresses the winemaking style of each region. There is no one Italian style of rosé. From Piedmont to Puglia, Italy’s pink wines are generally made with the native grapes of that region. No other country can match Italy in the diversity of its wine grapes so that provides a unique opportunity to sip a tremendous range of rosato wines. I’m especially intrigued by Italian rosé wines that are made from grapes best known for crafting powerful reds. For example, a Negroamaro rosé is a softer and completely different expression of this iconic Puglian grape. And there are some really charming rosé wines crafted from the grapes used to make the bold red, Amarone della Valpolicella. You’ll never get bored sipping Italian rosé, there’s so much to discover!

To follow Wanda in her journeys around the world tasting and discovering the latest wine trends, check her website here:



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