Stefano Mainetti

The composer Stefano Mainetti: preparation, elegance and style

By Lisa Bernardini

Stefano Mainetti, born in 1957, is one of the most interesting and talented composers and conductors of the contemporary music scene.
Accurate studies (a curiosity: a pupil of Giorgio Caproni at the dawn of school education) and a long international experience have led him this year to become by title and merits also Professor of the Chair of Composition for Music Applied to Images at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia di Rome.
With numerous awards and an untiring work on the field between cinema, TV, theater, Stefano Mainetti should be remembered as the author of Rendering Revolution, a project presented at the MAXXI – National Museum of the Arts of the XXI century a few years ago and of which all the mass media: an experience of “musica aumentata” designed to engage the viewer on a multisensory level, where the fusion of different art forms (music, dance, painting and video art) contributes to producing an augmented reality result greater than the sum of its parts. The project, presented by the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, took two years of preparation and received the honorable mention for the scientific and artistic value from the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia. Waiting to resume some theatrical productions he was working on before the coronavirus emergency (the Petruzzelli of Bari as well as the Pergola of Florence had to follow the directives and as everyone is waiting to know when they will resume), on the world of Art in age of social distancing Maestro Mainetti has his own precise idea.

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