The art direction and the Teatri Sold out and standing ovation, Giovanni Cultrera di Montesano

by Umberto Garibaldi


Master, do you think that a theater can be considered an emblem of a community? And considering your iblee origins, can the Teatro Garibaldi of Modica count among the symbols of the city of Modica? 

It must certainly! Tell me what you’re staging and I’ll tell you what city you are! Regarding the Teatro Garibaldi, its original name was Real Teatro Ferdinandeo and from 1857 with the staging of the “Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi, completed the Unification of Italy, was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi. Recently celebrated two hundred years, happy to spectacle them all as the beating heart of the arts, which flow through all the arteries of the city. An example for the whole community, the theater, reminiscent of the past tradition, on the facade marks its future time with a clock surmounted by an eagle, symbol of the County of Modica. Here is the beautiful business card that the County of Modica is proud to offer its international visitors. A city without theater, in my view, has no business card and is inclined to be forgotten quickly without leaving a trace in the heart of those who visit it. I explain to you, a monument arouses great emotion, but experiencing the thrill of being catapulted into a scene with all your soul motions is a real added value. I think Palahniuk was right: ‘The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because reality never reaches the degree of perfection that imagination can go ‘. And then the mind can not bear too many realities (Barker) … I hope for a theater that is the absolute symbol of every city, so that it will be deprived of the general decay. This explains why the president of the board of directors of the theater is always the first citizen of the city in which the institution resides; it has a moral, cultural and administrative duty towards the whole city.



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