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It is the ideal scenario for a movie set and one of the most important for those who want to visit Apulia: Polignano a Mare.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, with its white houses and alleyways, it is the village that, just a few kilometers from Bari, is home to the corners of true beauty and offers especially interesting places for the palate, where you can enjoy great dishes Based on fish, according to the best tradition of Mediterranean cuisine.

A few steps from the sea and the statue of Domenico Modugno, immortalized in his invitation to “Fly”, the perfumes and the poetry of the “Blue painted blue” make their reverberation strong in a restaurant renowned by fish connoisseurs and not only : The Osteria di Chichibio, awarded as “Excellence for the Mediterranean Diet” in 2013.

As soon as you enter, you can not miss the majestic chandelier of Pino Campanella, a renowned internationally renowned artist who descends from the center of the cruise times, typical of the nineteenth-century houses, and lays in an essential furnishing room. Some ancient pieces of the rural tradition, such as the “caprice” and a grand piano, on a floor made of old “chianche” complete the sought-after atmosphere of the venue, inspired by paintings and works of art.

In Polignano this is the “restaurant of the Vip“, say the articles of some newspaper headlines and the numerous photos of characters in the world of the show framed on the walls. They went from here, leaving an autograph on the tile wall, they tried the tasty dishes that are served here and often come back.

Since 2000, CHICHIBIO’S OSTERY has been stunned by its renowned clientele and is now an institution for the territory. Bianchi brothers are originally from Bari, but their passion for cooking comes from far … in time and space. It was Grandpa Grandfather, Michele Carbonara, to start the journey with her restaurant in the center of Bari; And then, jumping a generation, Vito, the eldest, honored the family tradition and after a long pounding of national kitchens from South to North, he finally arrived here, accompanied by his brother Giacomo and, recently, by Her daughter Francesca.

The name is inspired by Chef Chichibio, the famous novel by Boccaccio’s “Decameron”, to give his beloved a roast thigh to his master a crane with a thigh alone and jokingly tries to convince him that these animals They have only one paw.

If it is true that Vito, the chef-patron of the restaurant, does not lack the sense of humor, as in Chichibio of the novella, in the plates that proposes him, on the other hand, there is nothing missing. On the tables “immaculate” in their glorious splendor and perfectly set, you already appreciate the selection of quality Apulian oils, to be enjoyed with taralli and soft variegated sandwiches prepared by chef Mino De Bari. With a discreet and efficient service, in a few seconds Begins to appreciate the warmth of a nearly Sunday dining context, where scents promise something good … and so it is!

Absolute protagonist of the sea, the miraculous crudes, “So we win the customer, bringing to the table the tradition: raw sea and fresh vegetables,” Vito confides. Crustaceans, mussels, seafood, marinated or simply picked fish: octopuses, curls, cuttlefish, nuts, oysters, sea sponges, redfish, sarago, curls, red tuna … a sequence that can last for a long time Be careful not to miss the cooked!

Great hot appetizers: from Tropea’s red prawn shrimp and onions, Baked pie, palamita minted in mint sauce, to the millefein of potatoes, pink shrimp and smoked provola.

The first proposition is really large and irresistible: tortellini stuffed with redfish, linguine with tuna and sea food bottarga, or noodles with zucchini, shrimp and mushrooms cream, or still squashed with true lambs, hot peppers, pine nuts and pistachios of Bronte …it’s still! A real pleasure for the palate.




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