Red Carpet Magazine | Umberto Garibaldi

The suitcase of dreams

by Umberto Garibaldi

Irène Némirovsky is a delicate and simple woman of Jewish religion. A sweet wife, mother of two little girls and a happy writer. She lived honestly and she wrote with the same honesty. Her works are translated all over the world and her family was the main source of profit. Denounced because she was Jewish, Irène was arrested. Before leaving her home, for the last time, she held her daughters by the hand in a long silence. The same fate fell to her husband three months later. The daughters, Denise and Elizabeth, survived thanks to an old nurse who hid them in stables, convents, shelters. In their journey, the girls carry a suitcase with their mother’s memories and personal belongings, and their father’s recommendation: “don’t separate yourself from this suitcase”. In that precious suitcase there is a notebook with a thick and tiny writing: the living and powerful one of Irène. Neither Denise nor Elizabeth found the courage to read it, fearing that the mother’s last memories would cause too much pain for them. Sixty years later, they discovered that it was a broken novel. Michel, their father, when he gave it to her in her suitcase still hoped that Irène would be able to read it again and publish it. It is the French Suite novel.
Years later, that novel conquered readers, page after page, emotion after emotion. That well-kept suitcase was a treasure of dreams that could be realized.
With the example of Iréne, Red Carpet Magazine wants to emphasize the strength and power of dreams, the indestructible power of art. The new issue of the Magazine opens with a cover dedicated to the actress Elena Sofia Ricci, winner of the David di Donatello 2019 as best leading actress in the film “Loro” by Paolo Sorrentino. A woman and artist capable of always carrying a suitcase full of challenges, dreams and hopes. A woman capable of revolutionizing the way of making art without labels and limits.
But in this issue, you will find characters with their suitcases full of dreams and hopes that we wanted to select for you, readers. We will tell, among the pages, confirmations of the artistic panorama as Cristina Capotondi and Nino Frassica, Cristina Donadio and Barbara Bouchet. We will discover young promises of Italian cinema like Angela Fontana and Alessio Praticó. With a suitcase full of curiosity, we will discover the Taormina Film Fest and the Social World Film Festival. We will travel and learn about places like Amalfi, New York and Liguria.
Each of us has a precious suitcase to guard and carry along life’s paths, that suitcase contains everything we are and we’ll become.

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