The new trend for mountain holidays

180 kilometers of slopes, 3 countries, 2 regions, clean air, suggestive landscapes, local products, sports and lots of fun. These are just some of the things that make Disentis Catrina Experience the new trend for mountain holidays.


Disentis is a small town located in western Grisons, a photograph of times gone by, a Swiss alpine country where you can still savor the scents and flavors of the past in which you can listen to local people who speak the musical Romansch, 4 official fourth language Swiss spoken only in some places in Graubünden. For 50 years a prestigious ski destination for summer and winter sports enthusiasts with peaks reaching 3000 meters. In the last 5 years new accommodation, sports and gastronomic structures have been developed, taking an ambitious path of development in the region. Hence the birth of Catrina Experience, a tourist complex that includes apartments, hotels, lodges, hostels, wellness facilities, 11 gastronomic points and 2 sporting goods stores. In addition, to improve tourist services, Catrina Experience has been connected with the adjacent ski resorts of Andermatt and Sedrun, making it the largest ski region in Central Switzerland with its 180 kilometers of snow-covered slopes, just a two-hour drive from Milan.

We say: “it is easy to reach us, but it is difficult to leave us!” (Igl ei sempel d’anflar nus, Igl ei grev da bandunar nus).


The flagship of Catrina Experience, Alpine-style apartments with wood finishes and terraces overlooking the wonderful surrounding mountains. A well-equipped wellness center where you can relax and take a few moments just for yourself. All at 50 meters from the departure of the ski slopes. Once you arrive forget your car, you will have everything at your fingertips. One thing you can’t miss are the Penthaus, dream apartments on two floors with jacuzzi, sauna and three panoramic balconies. Real palaces for all those who want something more. Furnishing in true alpine style, an oasis of charm and relaxation.



There is something for everyone! 11 gastronomic choices to orientate yourself. The restaurants of Catrina Gastro range from classic international cuisine to a proposal of typical Grisons cuisine with the use of tasty local raw materials. Not to be missed are: the restaurant with panoramic terrace “Lai Alv” at 2500 meters where you can taste “KARTOFFELN und KÄSE” the Swiss classics based on potatoes and cheese, the Pizzeria Stiva Ursus where the award-winning world pizza chef Claudio Vicano ’will prepare you the best pizza you have ever eaten for an evening over the top, the Chevrina Steak House is for you, an open grill in the center of the room where you can observe our chefs at work, cuts of meat from all over the world and a wine list with more than 100 labels.


The breathtaking views, the peaks that exceed 3000 meters, the 180 km of slopes, 33 ski lifts and more than 30 gastronomic points make the Andermatt + Sedrun + Disentis area a unique place in the world to fully enjoy the mountains. In one day you will not ski on the same slope twice. You will travel the entire mountain range from Disentis to Andermatt via Sedrun, crossing the wonderful Oberalp pass with its red lighthouse that indicates the source of the Rhine. An unforgettable experience that will eclipse everything you have seen pima.


We have the ambition to become the destination shortly with 365 days of sport per year. In fact, following the “BIKE” trend of the last few years, in addition to concentrating on the winter season, it was decided to take an ambitious path which consists in the renewal and development of new routes for all those who love the world of bicycles. This year a bike skillspark was created in the resort, which consists of five different circuits to be tackled with bicycles where you will find obstacles, parabolic, jumps and drops, the perfect combination of training and fun. The first phase of the project will be completed next summer with the construction of the new Flow Trail. Olympic athlete Ralph Näf and his international mountain bike team RN Racing Team Thömus are training on the structures and paths created so far and are collaborating on their development.



Via Acletta 2, 7180 Disentis/Mustér Svizzera