The music is a universal means against violence


Music has always generated positive emotions that unite and create beauty. Valeria Altobelli, model, actress, presenter and singer, has adapted in 6 sung languages, 15 spoken and 23 written, the song “I’m standing with you”, nominated for the Oscar 2020.


By Giuseppe Savarino


The song, written by the award-winning Diane Warren, with the arrangement of John Debney, already composed by Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ and by the collaboration of the American sound engineer (who received 8 Grammy, Manny Marroquine) has the wonderful ability to touch the heart and bring with it an important message: a NO against all forms of violence and discrimination. Reporting violence is a necessary and courageous act. A courage that Valeria shows to say enough. In the era in which every diversity is viewed with suspicion, this courage is even more necessary especially if you look at the novelty that is not commercial, no compromises are possible. On the other hand, it’s what is happening in a world that does not respect human rights, women, children, who profess a different creed, who love a person of their own sex, who are forced into a body that does not feel their own, who is handicapped and all those who are seen as weak.


The exceptions are few and are looked at with sympathy as if to underline that it’s not true that these people are excluded and that, if they want, they can do it: a pathetic encouragement that does nothing but reiterate how much the world is still in the hands of few. We must educate ourselves to combat violence. For this reason artists like Valeria Altobelli are essential to move something. To spread the values ​​of respect and beauty. The artist has long been concerned with protecting and protecting defenseless women and children, as well as victims of violence. Founder of the Mission Onlus-NGO, she managed to unite prominent artists, musicians, lyricists and activists from all over the world. An extraordinary project immediately embraced by Diane Warren (winner of a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three consecutive Billboard Music Awards for Songwriter of the Year, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame). It can be said that she is the most important singer-songwriter in the world and with this song she is nominated, for the eleventh time, for the Oscars. Alongside Valeria’s powerful and beautiful voice is Sumi Jo, a world-renowned soprano voice (Grammy winner and Oscar nominee) and many of the ex Miss girls of the most important world beauty contests, such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Terra, Miss International.

Today, the Mission NGO-NGO has volunteers from over 150 countries around the world. «With Onlus-NGO, in 2017, thanks to a solidarity parade in which 40 of my friends representing as many nations of the world participated, free of charge, together with other Italian artist friends and colleagues from the world of entertainment, we raised funds for a total of 35,000 euros, donated for the reconstruction of a nursery school in Abruzzo».

Valeria is a true catalyst for important and solidarity initiatives. In recent days, the US broadcaster CNN wanted her on its microphones to illustrate the important social value of this international project: “Music as a universal means against violence”.

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