VALERIA ALTOBELLI – «The music in my heart»

Music welcomes, defines, fills the life of those who listen to it and of those who do it. In the long professional career of Valeria Altobelli, who sees her as a singer, model, actress and conductor always busy, the music is the common thread that always brings her where there is happiness. The freedom of a woman like Valeria Altobelli is that of feeling good thanks to a talent and an intense and real need to live through her music.

by Anna Chiara Delle Donne

How was your love for music born?

I started playing as a child. I was six years old, maybe I started playing before I even learned how to write. My parents took me to a school of solfeggio, I played the electric keyboard. Around the age of eleven I enrolled in a course with a very good and demanding teacher. At that moment I started to study piano and I continued with lyrical singing. As a self-taught I started playing guitar, I became fond of percussion. When you can read music, you play everything. My love for it never stopped. My first job, in fact, was that of chorister. I was doing music productions and choirs for singers. I started to perform with the famous show orchestras. I continued to record, I never stopped.

The program “Tale e quale show” arrived in your life. How did you live that musical test?

“Tale e quale show” is a beautiful program that I recommend to do. This experience makes you to touch things inside of you that you didn’t think to do. Just today I looked at my performance with Franco Battiato in “La cura”. I completely changed person, figure, sex. With a program like that you can experiment with things at the actor level. You have to study the movements to do and you really put yourself to the test.

When you won Miss World in 2004 as a representative of Italy, was that experience as a springboard for your music?

No, I was singing before. Miss World opened me to the world of fashion. More than a beauty contest, it is an aptitude contest where they evaluate your social commitment, your ability in the arts. Returning to Italy I started to model, to do many advertising campaigns for large companies. In my heart, however, music remained.

What does music represent for you?

Music was a cure for me. He allowed and made sure that I did not fall into youth errors. I’ve never needed to drunk, to make stupid things. I had my agenda full that took me to music. The music was curative, it allowed to my life to have so much sense, so much fullness.

For years you’ve been one of the famous faces of Forum and so you had to put aside the music…

Forum is a challenging and daily program, it gave me a lot of satisfactions. It gave me great continuity. At a certain point, however, I asked myself: “I am not happy to the end. What am I missing?”. I missed the music, I missed performing live with my group. I missed what made me feel good I realized that I had to come back to it.

Are passion and freedom two fundamental elements for your art?

Absolutely yes. If you don’t love them what you do they become something of mechanical. When you miss something that makes you feel good and you can understand and identify it, that is true freedom. I didn’t sing in Sanremo and I don’t want to be Laura Pausini. I don’t care about this, I want to sing. To sing for me it means to feel good. If I can sing it is a gift I give myself. This is true freedom. I do what I love and this is the key to life.

Was your beauty an obstacle to your career?

Sometimes people judge you only because you are a beautiful woman. They think you’re beautiful, but not intelligent. Sometimes I paid for it. I spent my life fighting to be appreciated above all for what I am and for what I have in my mind. Beauty is a gift, it is something to be defended and to be thanked. But I want to focus on something else and when people don’t evaluate you for what you want, you stay bad. A friend of mine told me: ‘‘Be quiet and don’t get sick. Everyone in life sees what he wants to see. Who wants to see you only beautiful, will see you so. Who wants to see you in o0ther way, he will see in other way ‘‘. I like myself.

What are your future projects?

I will be in America for the National Prayer Breakfast, with the President Trump and the council of American senators for the maintenance of Christian and Catholic values ​​in the world. Then I will be in Texas to prepare rehearsals with a choir that will perform in Italy this year. I will return to Italy and I’ll do various things in fashion and advertising. In the summer I will be back on tour.

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