Valeria Sgroi: public and critical success in the European

by Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo

Brussels. The European capital, for the Italian painter Valeria Sgroi, did not disappoint the expectations but decreed the well-deserved success of the public and critics for the painter of abstract genre, from the colors of the soul, suffered and thoughtful, but solar and optimistic when Valeria is about to enter that theater that is represented by the canonical space of the canvas, to soar in the depth of space, to infinity, through a range of feelings portrayed in their most intimate nuances and chromatic nuances that express his solar temperament that draws strength from her volitional abilities and her natural talents as a painter. His techniques, refined through his constant research, saw him establish himself, in his thirties, in the demanding and varied panorama of European art.


Of the artist, we remember only some of the most recent exhibitions of 2019 that saw her become the protagonist, with her works: Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome (Book Ed. Pagine SRL); Villa Fortuna, Acitrezza, CT (Memorial Lilli Blanco); International Art of Lost Orizzonti, in Messina, with the Euromediterranean Academy of the Arts and the critic Gennaro Galdi, Contemporary Renaissance, Castel dell’Ovo, NA; International Collective, tribute to Salvatore Fiume, Castello Naselli of Aragon, Comiso, RG. The exhibitions were always accompanied by a plaque of recognition for the painter’s art, from the Mediterranean heat. Until 8 January 2020, Sgroi’s works will be exhibited in a well-known Gallery of Art, a stone’s throw from the Place Louise, on rue de la Regence. A Targa Grand Prix Excellence Art of the Euromediterranean Academy of Arts, already stands out, for the artist, in the halls of the elegant location of the European Capital.

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