«Now I dream of a bad role»

Red Carpet Magazine took part to the press conference about the second season tv of Rai1 “Non dirlo al mio capo”, that took place at the MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo in Rome on 11 September 2018. At the presentation of the new series, the protagonists were present: Vanessa Incontrada, Lino Guanciale, Chiara Francini, Sara Zanier.

Vanessa Incontrada is the undisputed protagonist of italian fiction. Beautiful, sincere, solar and human, the actress has always conquered the hearts of the italian public with her works. We have saw her play roles that are increasingly comfortable, maternal but also courageous and strong. We recently appreciated her in the role of the determined police captain in the fiction ‘Il Capitano Maria’, with Giorgio Pasotti and Andrea Bosca and in ‘Scomparsa’ where he played the role of a child psychiatrist with tha actor Giuseppe Zeno. Now, Vanessa, is on Tv with the second season of the series ‘Non dirlo al mio capo’, where she plays the role of clumsy and spontaneous Lisa, a future lawyer.

Anna Chiara Delle Donne


Vanessa is about the series and she tell us in a press conference:

“Non dirlo al mio capo” is a series where any person can identify himself. When you look at the series it’s as if you were living something of your life and it’s as if those characters lived in your house through the screen.

But how do you build an imperfect, but real woman like Lisa?

Lisa is one of the strongest characters I’ve played. I am very attached to Lisa. I remember that during the first series, I built this character in a careful way. It looks like a simple character to build but it is not. In the end, to be natural and simple it is the most difficult and it’s not at all obvious thing. I asked myself: What can I give to Lisa to make her different and to make people fall in love with her? Lisa sometimes is really a disaster, but I always wanted people to cheer for her even when she is not right. I always wanted the viewers at home to say: You can do it, we support you! I worked a lot for this character and I hope I succeeded.



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