Vincenzo Bocciarelli

“When I fall in love, I burn, I sprinkle fire. I’m not easy to be forgotten! »

by Gino Morabito

Those of Vincenzo Bocciarelli, a passionate theatrical who winks at large international productions, are pindaric flights, acrobatic dances through time and words, in search of a common thread, a theme in which his audience can be identified. Eros, spirituality, painting, current events thus become artistic expedients to stage life.

In an atmosphere of emergency and human frailty, the actor from Bozzolo, in the province of Mantua, decided to respond with the Bocciarelli Home Theater, one of the first programs born on the Internet to entertain spectators through the art of acting. And not only.

All my creative, vital senses were heightened, with the awareness of not wanting to waste even a single moment of my existence. I reacted through art. I did it for myself and my audience. Together, with the sharing, with the cathartic mechanism typical of the theater, that of the dissolution of the knots, of the fears, of the anxieties, we have given birth to this wonderful journey from which a book is also being born.

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