Vivi Visioni Virtuali

Online collective photo exhibition at the time of the coronavirus)


“This season of the” civilization of the image “opened with the emergence of new visual technologies that communicate and reflect the spirit of air time; the intersection of knowledge with knowing how to do and knowing how to be, up to pursuing a new reference model that makes the world event, reality and appearances. Photography increasingly characterized by the diffusion of the virtual is a privileged instrument of representation of a post-modern society, between social dynamism and plurality of communication “.


by Umberto Garibaldi


Thus began the chat with Enzo Carli, photographer and former university professor of Photography. Sociologist, journalist and, by vocation, photographer and aesthetic operator, Enzo Carli has participated in exhibitions, debates and conferences on photography in Italy and abroad. Affectionate pupil and friend of Mario Giacomelli, he is the author of essays and publications on photography and image communication. He has been a consultant for public and private bodies on photography internationally, artistic director of Human work, a European project on photography, collaborator of the National Library of France and the Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo. Former free lecturer in communication theory, sociology and culture of photography at universities and colleges; former professor of photography at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino and Camerino; in 1996 it was included in the cultural updates of the UTET Encyclopedia.


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