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The xcat drivers expect a very fast race and on flat water in Lugano.

May 17 th 2016: there are less than 3 weeks to the 3 rd meeting of the World Series UIM XCAT motorboat championship: the teams are getting ready to the event that will take place in Lugano in the homonymous Swiss Lake on the 4 th and 5 th June.

It will be the absolute first race for the XCAT in Helvetic territory and after several competitions on rough sea the 14 teams from all over the world expect now calm water and a competition based on speed.

«It’s a completely new scenery, so also the general set up of the boat will be completely different – as it is said by Nadir Bin Hendi from the Victory Team, winner of the first 2 competitions in 2016, with his teammate Arif Al Zaffein, – We hope to repeat the success of Fujairah and Dubai».

The second world classed Mikael Bengtsson, together with his compatriot Erik Stark is curious to experiment with a brand new circuit. “It’s a great novelty running in Lugano. We hope it will be a competition on calm water, because until now it has never happened. We’re really prepared and ready to express our opinion”.

Also for T-Bone station by the Italian Luca Fendi and Giovanni Carpitella, the calm lake would be a bonus. Their motorboat in fact is one of the few with a two stroke engine instead of the new Mercury XCAT ROS 400. Giovanni Carpitella says: “Running on the lake is the ideal, because the old engines are higher and having the screws next to the surface it’s necessary to release the accelerator at every jump. If there are only a few waves we’ll be able to run for all the time”. Also the team manager of Victory, the team holding the world championship 2015, explains that thanks to the location, the expectations are different. “We’ve gathered a lot of information about the new engines in the first two competitions and this will be a great benefit for our next performances: the same is valid also for the other teams. As regarding the conditions, we’ve never raced here, but thanks to the competitions on the Lake Maggiore in 2014 and 2015 we got an idea of it. I think we can expect something similar”.

The UIM XCAT championship of world powerboat series.

XCAT, diminutive for Extreme Catamarans is one of the most difficult and funny motorsports on the water. In the motorboat discipline it’s the championship with the biggest participation of pilots of every nationality from all over the world.

The XCAT World Series championship had an incredible development during the last three years and the 2015 has marked new objectives thanks to the debut of the races in Portugal and Australia. The Gold Coast competition in Australia has marked the debut in the 5 th Continent.

The XCAT World Series distinguishes itself from the other offshore motorboat disciplines for several reasons: first of all the constant wish to develop the sportive aspects of this activity, the unique experience for the places where the competitions are held, for the spectators and the involved teams.

The Lugano Grand Prix is the third stage of the world XCAT World Series 2016. After Switzerland the circus will head for a long far away new place, that is Seul in the South Chorea.[/one_second]



The catamarans in competition can reach the speed of over 200 Km/h according to the sea conditions, the type of circuit, the selection of screws and the set up choices. The motorboats are built with very advanced technologies, using carbon fibre with other compounds and they are boosted by two outboard motors by Mercury Racing, each of them sized 400 hp for the new 4 strikes model and about 300 hp for the ‘old’ 2 strikes model.

The motorboats are deeply examined by an UIM (Motorboats World Union) officer before each race, to verify that all the motorboats cling on the security, environmental and sport provisions.

On the bottom of every motorboat, between the two hulls of each catamaran there’s a watertight safety box. In case of capsizing the pilots can go out and the rescuers can access the cockpit.

Each motorboat has two pilots: one is at the helm and he’s called driver, the other one controls the accelerator (the ‘handcuffs’) and he’s defined ‘throttleman’. The verbal and gestural communication between the two pilots in the cockpit is extremely important. The least inattention or missed coordination could cause a capsizing or an important waste of time against the competitors. There must be the maximum accordance.

For every competition there are 14 motorboats participating, so behind the ahead motorboats, the action is very uptight and made difficult by the wakes of the aheaders in terms of waves and water sprinkling.

Every lap in a XCAT competition is about 3,2 nautical miles (nearly 6 Km) and the motorboats have to run them for at least 15 laps (and a maximum of 60 minutes a race).

The WPPA, the society that organizes and promotes the Series has created an exclusive system to convey all the ‘circus’ from a place to the other one. This system is called ‘Cat in a box’ and it allows to move motorboats, spare parts and equipment but also race competition frames, box, hospitality VIP etc. in standard containers easy to move.

Security is an absolute priority for WPPA. The XCAT championship employs a team of professionals about sea security, that for every competition guarantees the emergency rescue service as well as the marking of the racetrack and the safety rules to be improved during all the weekend.

In case of accident the emergency rescue can reach the motorboat in the least possible time to rescue the pilots and manage the eventual emergency.


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