“Perfectionism is my stylistic code but also my cage”

In Italy he was a pioneer of style, but even more than a profession, that of wedding planner. Enzo Miccio, known to the general public for successful television programs, emanates a passion for that work that he “invented”.

by Maria Lucia Tangorra


With a mixture of humility and determination he begins by underlining an essential point: «even if I started twenty years ago in an avant-garde city like Milan it was not easy. I had to have the strength not to pull down the shutter because, when people came to my small atelier and asked me: “what are you selling?”; I replied: “nothing, but I organize weddings” and they went out strange. Traditionally, in Italy, the organization has always been in the hands of the bride’s mother: but I believed a lot in this project. I made a huge self-taught apprenticeship, and slowly I tried to spread what was my philosophy: I tried to dismember the wedding and reassemble it. I tried to understand what was wrong and I think this is one of my merits »and we acknowledge it. Often when you receive an invitation to this anniversary, you immediately think of the long duration and rarely the guests smile saying: “oh, how nice, we go to a wedding”. Miccio intervened on this, rebalancing «the timing – and it was fundamental to make it understood first and foremost for the spouses, who live in a tradition that they unwittingly carry with them. So there was no mention of a wedding banquet, but the wedding has become closer to an event or a party and finally the request to have fun has come. We are in a country where tradition is important; on the other hand we also have one of the most popular and envied kitchens in the world for which we had to combine the two “. While listening to it, it seems that Miccio was not born to do anything else and, in fact, he reveals to us that he has always had “a predisposition to aggregate people and entertain them, a house to open to others regardless of whether they live in 40sqm or in an attic. I took this nature with me.

Iran in with my family and friends, without thinking in the least that it could become my job. In the beginning I went around with my toy car, I didn’t have the notoriety given by the small screen. By pure chance you start to turn it into a business with a person who is willing to pay for your advice and it is right that someone, at some point, realizes that your help can be useful. In Italy I had no one to refer to, I `invented ‘it». The representation table is inevitable in its ideas, set in a well-kept setting, “with a color and a theme that will marry the rest of the wedding”. In the British tradition this figure is very present, but Enzo Miccio never thought of going abroad. He wanted to break the mental boundaries here, succeeding. However, he reveals us a gem, which denotes the preparation and the taste for beauty: “at the end of the nineties, when I had already taken this path, I don’t remember where in the world I was, I came across a wonderful book by Wolterinck , Northern European designer who organizes events. He was certainly a great teacher of mine ». After about twenty years of career and the road traveled, some `walls’ have fallen. “My personal mission” – he tells us with pride – “was to make others understand that my contribution would have made a difference in the organization. When I was talking to a catering company I had to confront and often clash. My goal was to demonstrate that what I was proposing could have a positive impact on the organization. There have been quarrels with location owners, but many people, at the end of the event, changed their mind and congratulated them, which is priceless. This was my battle and consequently my satisfaction. Being able to make people understand that things could be done in another way, with taste and success, and even more: affirming the profession was the greatest achievement. A job that seems so light, has professionalism and competence behind it. I too steal and learn from everyone and if you find people willing to improve, beautiful partnerships can be born ». The voice of the wedding planner is gritty, of those who always have their brains in motion to be able to create and still create. Frankly he asserts: «I am rigid and in discussion with myself above all. Marriage must please me – certainly on the basis of what the couple wants – and my highly critical sense of aesthetics and perfection.


Perfectionism is my stylistic code but also my cage. I can not turn a blind eye to something wrong I clarify that I only notice it. Taking into account my training (graduated from the IED – Instituto Europeo di Design, he started in the fashion sector, nda), I have a vision that condemns me a little, which is that of the stylist for which I look as if I were on a set photo. ” We realize that we took part in a marriage signed by Miccio «from the organizational side, not only from the creative one. Not only the spouses, but also the guests must live that experience to the fullest “. Behind there must be a good direction: “I am everywhere” – he adds – “while I am in the kitchen, I am fixing the bride’s dress. I am the shadow of anyone so I may not be nice. My spouses must love me and whoever understands my job and has a sense of responsibility loves me ». In this period in which, due to the covid, several `dreams of a lifetime ‘have been postponed, he clearly keeps his feet on the ground, but at the same time opens up:« I had no personal consequences. I certainly felt very alone, but like millions of people. I had to find a new identity since I usually change hotels three times a week and in this sense the shock has been considerable. Of course the wedding season has completely disappeared, I have supported my buyers as well as my spouses and I have tried to make a contribution also with direct Instagram.


Maybe from September onwards someone will be able to make it, others are postponed in the coming seasons because it is not said that the same date will be found for 2021 ». To all this must be added the commitment of a training academy and to its boys, in no uncertain terms, wanted to convey an essential teaching: “at least at the beginning you must have a life almost completely dedicated to work because the brides absorb you completely , you have to put time and professionalism at your service and say sensible things because people will unmask you in a moment». Enzo Miccio creates an annual bridal fashion collection, generally composed of about thirty items (the 2020 one hopes to present it in September, usually takes place in April). Confirming what lies behind talent, instinct and preparation, he admits that he is influenced by how he feels. «In some years I have used only important tailored fabrics. Once I fell in love with plissé a lot and so I made pleated and voluminous tails. Then came the craze for embroidery: two or three years ago I presented this collection with stones, crystals and handmade embroidery and from that moment I always try to put something a little more exclusive and precious. It’s all produced in Italy, I only use mikado or pure silk crêpe de chine, natural fibers combined each time in a different way, always with a single purpose: to make the bride even more beautiful ». And this has communicated it to us in respect and enhancement of the female figure also through the program “But how do you dress!?” conducted with Carla Gozzi, of whom she remembers with satisfaction “we were rewarded by the Moige (Movimento italiano Genitori onlus): there was an ironic and funny figure, but below we had the mission of transmitting a message to all women”. In front of so much energy it arises spontaneously to ask what would displace him again and it is he who strikes us in the answer: «it would surprise me or would fill me more make me a weekend in simplicity somewhere, enjoy a view because they are things that I don’t do or I don’t know if I will succeed to do them. What could give me a new charge and a new meaning for my life is something unrelated to work ».

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