by Gino Morabito

“You don’t have to be the best, but the only ones”

A voice consecrated to success and impervious to any accent alien to Solarolo’s. A language made up of children and companions, of departures and returns; the indelible memory of when her friends made fun of her for performing in clubs. Suitcases, check-in, the world limelight and a future to be drawn on the map of desires. Laura Pausini’s is full of signs, ever since she went up the stairs to close the door behind her and sing as a child in front of the mirror.

Music is the reflection of our life.

It will always be in evolution, the generational changes will bring continuous changes. Even now we are experiencing one that has some fantastic aspects and some ugly ones.

The frowning features, the voice broken by emotion, while it is told.

During this period of closure, instead of bringing out my anxieties, I wondered if anyone really cared about me singing again.

A career studded with successes and the world-famous Italian artist questions himself and publishes Io Sì (Seen), the main theme of “a film with heart and brain”.


When you embrace this type of project, you also need to find a personal affinity, to recognize herself in the message. And I fully recognized myself in what the film tells, thrilled by the idea of interpreting its main theme. Putting myself completely at the disposal of the film made me live an experience that I had never experienced before, a very strong emotion arising above all from Edoardo Ponti’s desire to make the song in Italian.

The narration of one of those encounters that can change your life and, in some cases, save it.

It is a story that tells about diversity, prejudice, abandonment, loneliness, seen from two different points of view: the eyes of Momo, a twelve-year-old Senegalese child who lives on thefts and small tricks in the suburban streets of an Italian city that has already learned how the world goes, and those of Rosa, a woman who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust. She is engaged in social work and takes care of the children of prostitutes. She would have a lot to teach, but she is trying to learn more, through that child’s life.

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