«Beauty is something that makes you stop suddenly and takes your breath away»

Between the white and black buttons and the habit of stiletto heels, Lola Astanova seduces us with her notes that originate from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. Not wrongly considered one of the most beautiful pianists in the world, she has been counted among the ten style icons in classical music.

by Gino Morabito


Awarded with the prestigious Emmy Award in 2016, at each concert she takes us by the hand on a journey where the routine, the problems, the worries of the everyday remain outside the door. The journey of a privileged woman who made her art the crowning of a dream.

Too many women are forced to give up their dreams for one reason or another. Being able to chase my dreams and do things my way is definitely the biggest reward I can aspire to.

A virtuoso of the piano that remains faithful to its musical roots and the desire to make each performance “an elegant and passionate love story”.

For centuries all the great artists have tried to describe love, but I don’t know if anyone has managed to completely capture it. Maybe love needs no explanation, but music is the closest thing to expressing it. It is the purest and most universal form of expression and, when sincere, it touches every human being, regardless of gender and culture.

A love, that of the pianist, who judging from the videos posted on social media, would seem devoted exclusively to her Steinway grand piano.

I have two fantastic pianos that I have chosen among many others because they too, like people, have different characters. But to say that they are my only loves would be crazy and a little sad. I am not folded up on my piano in some dark corner far from civilization (laughs), I live a full life, which is the only way for an artist to evolve and be happy. But my sentimental situation is something that I hold for me.

On her piano Lola Astanova gives voice to her music, a universal language and a space of creativity without limits.

I don’t want to be caged in one genre. I love classical and romantic music, but also pop, rap, rock and electronic music. And I let myself be influenced by them willingly.

Influences and backgrounds that come alive again during each concert, where, especially the male audience, he shows great appreciation also for sexy clothes and stiletto heels.

My music, my legs, my skills as a pianist, my clothes … all these things are part of me and I don’t know how and why I should separate them. Each person in the audience focuses on what they like most: for someone, a concert is exclusively music, for others it can simply be a social event, and it’s okay.

A world of men, which decrees the success of a woman.

To be successful in a world of men and enjoy the same respect and opportunities, women must work harder and excel. And even then, many will look for other ways to get over you and belittle you, but you just have to keep showing them that they are wrong.

Over time, Lola Astanova has shown that she has talent to sell and great technical skills. Today her fame as an artist who enchants precedes her all over the world.

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to play and be successful. I consider fame an aspect of success but not the most important. I want to know that what I do satisfies me, and it is much more important to me to be famous. To be famous but unhappy in choosing one’s career would be torture. Also, I never take fame very seriously: it’s fun, of course, but there are more important things in life.


A life marked by renunciations, study, commitments to be fulfilled, flights to be taken. Sacrifices largely repaid by the affection of the fans, who, on Instagram, are almost a million.

Unlike those who ridiculously inflate the number of their followers and buy packets of likes (and it’s amazing how many people do it!), Each of my followers is a real person with their own story, likes and dislikes, hopes and challenges. This is what makes them so important and precious. I feel that certain closeness and think of my followers as my “Instagram and Facebook family”. Their presence in my life is truly real.

Many admirers also in the Belpaese, where the pianist born in the former Soviet Union bewitched Andrea Bocelli who wanted her as a guest of the latest edition of the Teatro del Silenzio, in Lajatico, in the province of Pisa.

Italy is the country where I have many friends and fans; the country with rich tastes and bright colors; the country of timeless art and style and, to all intents and purposes, the cradle of western civilization. I was heartbroken to see Italy suffer so much and I hope that it will recover soon, both economically and emotionally. We are together on the same side, and if my music can help Italians to feel a little better and find the strength to react to this crisis, then I would be really happy.

A sensitive soul that feeds on art and beauty. And it releases them note after note.

Beauty is something that makes you stop suddenly and take your breath away. Art promotes your uniqueness, shapes your personal taste and makes you less vulnerable to any form of demagoguery. In this sense, I think that beauty and art will save us.

Art and beauty, those of Lola Astanova, declined in long flowing hair, seductive look and a breathtaking body sheathed in haute couture dresses with plunging necklines and vertiginous slits. If all the pianists were like her, the number of those interested in Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov would certainly increase exponentially. The end justifies the means.