by Gino Morabito

“I sell emotions”

It is the Italian of foreign origins, at least on the big screen; in Boris the director René Ferretti, the one who, to hurry up, invited the actors to do the scenes “alla ca…o di cane”. Francesco Pannofino demonstrates his talent with daring projects ranging from acting to storytelling of events, from TV documentaries to entertainment programs. Continuously looking for new human and artistic challenges to “sell” emotions.

The first important role reaches almost fifty years. The idea that it could be done well, both the voice actor and the actor, was not yet contemplated.

I was an actor even before Boris, then success came with Boris. Better late than never! Many of my fellow voice actors, very good, who would also be very good as actors, don’t think about getting out of the dubbing room.

Being a voice actor is a complex job, you need to have a particular attitude. It is necessary the talent that every actor must have, but also a strong ability to live and

interpret emotions …

… Alongside this, dubbing has an important technical component, often ignored, which is the management of lip sync and the setting of the voice. It is an art that straddles other arts: theater, singing, acoustics. Many technicalities have to be learned in the field. There is no school that can form you definitively, it is always as if it were a long internship.

In the personal history of Francesco Pannofino, a professional path that began with the recklessness of twenty years.

If I had known then all the process that awaited me, I don’t know if I would have done it. But at twenty it is right to have a dose of unconsciousness and try. When you are young, even if one thing doesn’t go well, there is always the possibility of a plan B.