by Gino Morabito

“Looking in the mirror I see the image of today’s woman”

She stands out from a very young age for her breathtaking curves and perfect features. It was Federico Fellini who discovered Anna Falchi, he needed a new face for a commercial. Since then, the disturbing Finnish has come a long way. Iconic sex symbol of the 1990s and 2000s, the actress, model and TV presenter is not joking even today! Not even when she declares that she would like to be judged for her professionalism, not for her appearance.


Appreciated presenter of C’è tempo per …, a somewhat unusual program, dedicated to agée people. An act of love towards an evergreen generation, from which we have a lot to learn.

From them I learned the courage, the willpower, the ability to react with optimism in the difficult moments that life holds for us.

Getting back on TV was a bit like getting back into the game with the awareness of one’s own maturity as a woman.

It was the right time to do it. In the meantime I have acquired a wealth of important experiences, reasoning about prudent choices; proposing myself as a TV presenter even in smaller broadcasters such as Telenorba, which was a great school of life, a very important training ground that helped me land on Rai 1.

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