IL VOLO – By Gino Morabito

“We have made our dreams come true!”

The Basilica of San Pietro behind Piazza Pio XII creates the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary spectacle. In a dreamy atmosphere and majestic scenery, Il Volo traces the immortal melodies of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble pay homage to the Oscar winner Ennio Morricone, conductor, musician, author of the most beautiful soundtracks in Italian and international cinema.

They could have been meteors and instead …

It is the risk of child prodigies. But we are clear about what we want to be.

It all started as a novelty, with kids singing like adults.

It all started as a game and unexpectedly success came. We did not know each other and for three episodes of Ti lascio una canzone we performed individually. Then we sang together in the fourth episode ‘O sole mio. Michele Torpedine contacted us together with Tony Renis. Departure for the United States, where we signed a contract with an American record company, and in a few months our life changed.

Il volo Red Carpet MagazineThree former child prodigies who continue to export the Italy of bel canto.

We are the heirs of the bel canto that we bring to the world. But more than fame, the important thing is to have made our dreams come true!

World tours, prestigious stages, best of records and … a feat that seemed impossible to achieve: organizing a large free concert open to all. A unique, exceptional event. The goal is to turn the spotlight on the artistic, cultural, organizational and productive capacity of the city of Rome. Urbi et orbi.

The announcement of this concert is intended as a message of hope, with the wish to return to live our lives in normality. We are working hard to create a great show with orchestra and choir; an event that also includes a new recording project, where some of the wonderful soundtracks of Maestro Morricone sung by us will be collected.

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