Prince of Savoy of Milan – by Stefania Buscaglia

Over a century of history for an institution of the hotel industry in Milan and throughout Italy. A 5 star hotel that needs no introduction, famous all over the world.

What is the art of hospitality?

Many could confine such a concept to the ability to ensure the highest quality and professionalism in welcoming their guests with the aim of ensuring a memorable experience. But it is in the notion of art that we must thoroughly investigate the real meaning of this principle, emphasizing its cultural aspect, that is, that historical legacy that defines the relationships of a social group with the outside world. And in a country like ours it is impossible not to point out how much HPS_Presidential_Suite_Livingthe art of hospitality represents a feather in the cap of the Italian culture of which hotels and restaurants have always been a fundamental component. We could in fact speak of the art of Italian hospitality – incomparable of its kind – in which warmth, refinement, professionalism and exclusivity come together in an unmistakable whole that becomes a reference model and symbol. Let’s take the case of the Hotel Principe di Savoia, the emblem of an important city like Milan which, in one hundred and twenty-five years of history, has welcomed its guests, becoming an integral part of the history of the metropolis itself. Prince of Savoy of Milan

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