“Style” meets “Theater”

Theater, style and image come together in a unique creative union: Tommaso Gioietta is the protagonist of a shooting conceived by the stylist Pierluigi Fucci and curated by the photographer Francesco Rocchi. An interview that comes from the artistic experience of the meeting of the three talents.

Tommaso Gioietta is a Sicilian actor, with a parallel career as a psychotherapist. His experiences between screen and stage draw a prestigious artistic curriculum, full of works in the theater, cinema and in the world of advertising. Recently, Tommaso got to know the fashion of Pierluigi Fucci, the stylist of the matter. Originally from Molise, Fucci has collaborated over the years with the most prestigious names in the international fashion world and produces a fashion line derived from a creative process that experiments with unconventional materials and harmonies. An exchange of artistic visions, made concrete by a shooting in which poses and fashion are the protagonists. The shots are by Francesco Rocchi, portraitist and talented fashion and glamor photographer, already active in the publishing field thanks to his experience as a war reporter. Tommaso Gioietta talks to Red Carpet Magazine.

Tommaso Gioietta si racconta a Red Carpet Magazine.

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In life, initially, one can undertake one’s destiny also by doing other things.

In mine, it all began with a love of music. As a child I had many musical instruments, the flute, the drum, the trumpet, the guitar, the accordion, the diamonica, but, at the same time, I loved drawing, so much so that at school I was chosen to create the posters and for the theatrical performances that they were held on time. I designed sumptuous dresses with a train and I dreamed of being a stylist, but this dream never took shape, unlike that of enrolling in a music school. After a year of solfeggio and theory, in fact, the teacher suggested that I try my hand at the clarinet based on the shape of my hands. So I started playing in a musical band and then in a more adult age with musical groups that participated in many music festivals with conservatory graduated artists.


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