by Gino Morabito

«Melancholy is my trolley, I always carry it with me»

Beautiful, nice, with a charge of sex appeal that only a few stars have. Nancy Brilli began acting by chance, at eighteen, because at the art institute in Rome she was a friend of Vittoria, the daughter of director Pasquale Squitieri who entrusted her with a role in the film “Claretta”. But it is thanks to the theater of Garinei and Giovannini that she has made herself known and appreciated. It was 1986.

Icon of our cinema, in the course of an artistic career worthy of a diva, she has gained prestige and honors as an actress and the recognition of the public who follow her with great affection.

I feel like a well-liked and appreciated woman who has no complaints to make. I am free, however free a person truly is when he can decide whatever he wants, and no one is truly free. Artistically, I have never compromised, nor did I have to bend to the logic of the market.


Logics dictated by an entertainment industry, where those who have learned the art are often forced, like it or not, to put it aside.

In the last period I have had the opportunity to reflect on my being an actress and I have understood that I have to rely more on my strength, instead of relying on some productions that do not correspond to me.

Stubborn and volcanic as in the nature of Aries, she has always paid in person. A mother who has put all of herself into the family project and who today feels proud of her child.

In the darkest moments I see the image of my son Francesco, all the way we have traveled from his birth to today. He is twenty years old, and I consider it my greatest personal success.

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