The head is like a charming box: thoughts and secrets often inhabit its mysterious and padlocked rooms, like jealous masters and little inclined to welcome foreign visitors. Giuseppe Fata, a world-renowned designer who talks through their sculpture heads, reveals the enigmas of the mind with as many spells of art. A one-of-a-kind concept that has its roots in a meticulous search for beauty at the limits of the imagination. Complex and symbolic architecture, ancient and contemporary materials come together in a harmonious crescendo of volumes and details full of meaning. Each head-sculpture is built with architectural precision using the most refined techniques of Haute Couture for a visual result that leaves you breathless and unleashes sublime emotions.

by Giuseppe Savarino


Many years ago I was with a professor of philosophy; when he asked me where my creations were born from, I replied: everything starts from the mind, from the thought and this is what I want to “export” making visible through his own material representation in my sculpture-heads. It is not a question of aesthetic headdresses, but of real artistic creations that impress on the material the elusiveness and impalpability of thought.

Thought, by its constitution, is the most sacred thing the human mind can produce, for this reason Fata sculpture-heads maintain a constant reference to sacredness: sacred, in fact, is the way of looking at things, sacred is the way to restore its intimate beauty. A sacredness that Fata has known since he was a child when he was an altar boy, when he observed with amazement the precious vestments used in liturgical solemnities or the stuccos and capitals of churches.

In our family there are abbots and priests – always told my father Domenico and my mother, Fortunata Maria, with great pride and increasing my curiosity for the world that I had always taken into consideration for reasons of faith always felt.

But when art is experienced as an overwhelming and unstoppable force, it is a gift and becomes a gift, finding very personal ways, methods and figures that impose absolute dedication, sacrifices, constant commitment and great psychological and professional discipline.

Everyone loves fashion, but doing fashion is a different thing! I know it well, because I am a stubborn one, who as a boy waited with trepidation for the arrival of the Vogue number in Reggio Calabria a month after Rome. I know it well, because with the same determination I moved from my homeland to which I continue to return to draw the lifeblood necessary for my works and myself, despite the fact that my borders now coincide with those of the world.

His creations paraded on the most prestigious catwalks in the world, from New York to Paris Haute Couture, Milan Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, Venice and Taormina. Among the various most prestigious awards “La Rosa D’or in Paris”, the international Haute Couture Awards received in Paris at the “Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris”, giving him the title of “genius of art on the head, the European Oscar of Fashion received at Palazzo Borgese in Florence and the international “Sergio Valente” award received already in 2001. In June 2019 he was received by the Royals and the Ministry of Culture of Dubai to receive the precious statuette “Golden Lady Awards” the fashion Oscars in Middle East. Its name appears in the list of characters who have contributed to keeping Italy’s name high in the world through the exaltation of taste and beauty. Its Head Sculptures interact with the viewer and interact with the space where Fata contextualizes his works to create photographic shots that become part of the artistic project. A cultural operation that brings to light forgotten places and treasures. Places are everything for Giuseppe Fata, they are a source of inspiration, they are narration themselves, as in the specific case of his home laboratory, immersed in the nature in which the artist loves to take long walks.


My office is my archive where I keep everything; I have always filed anything related to me; Various works are exhibited inside: the tributes to Michelangelo, to Caravaggio, to the Teatro S.Carlo, at the head of Medusa di Versace, a piece that I care so much, very delicate and full of precious corals; then the piece by Cocò Chanel, the one dedicated to Franca Sozzani and many others.

In the works of Fata everything speaks of the great masters of art and high fashion, which the artist had the privilege of knowing in person and alongside whom he had splendid opportunities for professional growth: Valentino, Versace, Armani, Lagerfeld, Lancetti, Capucci

My generation was ‘in the middle’, which is why I was able to work alongside the fashion greats. Seeing the master sculptors of the fabric, for example Capucci, who inspired me a lot, gave an extra boost to my dream, unlike many young people today who unfortunately have to deal with too commercial and inadequate fashion awareness of true artistic flair

The history and beauty of Fata’s sculpture heads creates continuous significant artistic paradigms for the development of the contemporary aesthetic process: on the one hand the world of Haute Couture, on the other that of the new line dedicated to Home Interior with pieces of furniture exclusive, on the other hand an ascetic retreat as an ever-desired projection.

Before the lock-down I was working on a new line of luxury items to be presented for the Design Week … and then everything was postponed. But this is not bad, because in this way I have more time to prepare myself, since I have been working on it for years: the head-sculpture becomes a piece of furniture, a lamp or something else. A new brand will also have to come out. Creating can also generate a sweet suffering, I do not exclude, in some time, a choice that sees me immersed in “the Gregorian chants and the woods” that always make me feel good!